1. ZiggyD

    Optics Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 15x56 Binos $900

    Hello these are in Used like new condition. I have no complaints just don't need two Binos that do the same job. $900
  2. aSilk_Suit007

    Firearms MK12 style upper

    I have a MK12 style upper. PRI Hand guard PRI Top Rail Ballistic Advantage SPR Barrel 5.56 AE Break and collar Arken 6-24 FFP Mils MAGPUL Bipod Aero BGC BCM charging handle. Open to trades. Looking for a good bolt gun in .308 or 6.5 $400 for scope $900 for upper $1200 for both Text...
  3. aSilk_Suit007

    MK12 Build Post 1,200rds With Parts List.

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share my MK12 style build after 1,200rds Parts My MK12 is far from “clone correct”. I wanted the performance of the MK12 first, and the looks second. This build was started in the late part of the pandemic (October 2020). Most clone correct parts were out of stock...
  4. Wilford Comeaux

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 4 rings

    35mm Leupold Mark 4 rings. Only used a few times. $100 TYD.
  5. Curahee19

    SOLD WTS Leupold mk4 spotter

    Selling my mk4 spotter tmr reticle the spotting scope is in excellent shape. I have the badger ordnance slick with the protective cap and the cover also comes with the badger ordnance snap to mount a pvs 14 2500 shipped insured to your door
  6. The4GunGuy


    Less than 6 months new and this is the HD GLASS MODEL. Has the IMPACT reticle, but honestly I don't even use that and it doesn't interfere with spotting. Comes with an awesome open/close protective zip case and the Gold Ring glass is excellent. Paid $1,399.00, will sell for $875 including...
  7. C

    Rifle Scopes Optic Identification help (Leupold)

    Hi all, Was hoping for some help in confirming this Leupold optic (I'm not knowledgeable in this at all). The search function gave me similar optics but not quite the same model so I wasn't sure if the information was the same. Seems this is an older model though. Hoping for a value as well...
  8. meche19

    Optics WTB Leupold D-EVO 6x20 mm

    Hello all, I went down a rabbit hole online looking for anyone/ any website that had a D-EVO for sale and unsurprisingly didn't have any luck... Until I ran across this website where I've seen a few people have some luck. If anyone has one for sale and is willing to sell let me know, I may be...
  9. L

    Optics Leupold VX5 3-15x44 CDS-ZL2 FireDot Duplex

    I have a Leupold VX5 3-15x44 CDS-ZL2 FireDot Duplex with aluminum Leupold flip caps and Leupold throw lever for sale. Great shape just not using it. 850 shipped obo located in MS.
  10. Spartan Precision Arms

    Optics Optics Sale + Free Shipping + No Tax (Send PM)

    To celebrate our expansion of optics we are running a promotion that allows us to match or beat a competitors price and offer free shipping! Some of the brands offer are below. Let us know what we could do for you. If you don't see a manufacture listed below chances are we carry it. We pride...
  11. E

    Rifle Scopes LVPO Shootout ($1500-$3000): Vortex Razor1-10, Kahles K18i 1-8, Leupold MK6 1-6, NF ATACR 1-8

    Between the 5 options which one and why? And let’s say application is all purpose (hunting, plinking, training, etc) 0-400 yards/meters Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10 Kahles K18i 1-8 Swarovski Z8i 1-8 Leupold mk6 1-6 Nightforce ATACR 1-8 All things considered: Weight Features Durability Focal...
  12. Lucks

    Optics Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 TMR w/ ARC rings $1400

    Like new in box, only $1400 w/ rings! Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 TMR Mil/Mil FFP Butler creek scope caps ARC scope rings included Mounted it on rifle, took it to the range and zeroed rifle. Been in the safe every since. Like new. Selling the rifle so don’t need the scope.
  13. Lucks

    Left Hand Sale SOLD

    RIFLE SOLD!!! Thank you Chris! I’m selling a lefty 6.5 creedmoor I had built to be a short, handy, suppressed hunting rifle but this rifle could work as a match rifle too. It was built by Aaron Roberts with Roberts Precision Rifles. No expense was spared and all the work is world class...
  14. R

    SOLD Leupold Mark 4 12-40x60mm Spotting Scope SOLD

    Like new Leupold Mark 4 12-40x60mm spotting scope with TMR reticle and soft cover. $1100 Shipped buyer pays insurance. Paypal or Venmo only Open to trades as well
  15. 1501Para

    SR25 Limited Edition CC FDE

    Knights Armament SR-25 E2 COMBAT CARBINE (CC) M-LOK in FDE this is a limited edition 2019 Shot Show Special MAMS upgrade Upgrade SDE trigger upgrade KAC MICRO 45 sights Never fired zero round count LMT SOPMOD FDE change M110 FDE grip ATLAS BIPOD All for a price of $4500 Scope packaging options...
  16. W

    Rifle Scopes What Leuopold rings for Leupold Mark 4 on Remingto

    Just got a Leupold Mark 4 8.5x25 that is to be mounted on a Remington 700 with 20moa base. What type (standard, medium, high) of Leuopold rings do I need if I want to shoot between 100 yds - 1000yds. Thanks