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  1. 96C

    Rifle Scopes McCann MIRS rail with Leupy 50mm, Ring Height?

    Hi guys, I have the McCann MIRS rail for the Rem700 action SA and a Leupold 4.5-14x50mm with the ARD + flip up cover. The issue I have however is my Leupold MK4 Medium rings were too low, they have a High and Super High MK4 ring set. Does anyone have any experience with the MIRS and know their...
  2. Stealth5

    Rifle Scopes Need Help with Leupy Scope

    Im trying to find out how many mils the fine duplex cross hairs are on a Leupy 3-9x40 VXI I have it mounted on my CZ 452 trying to work out some ranging issues. and yes i have looked on there website. Any info would be great.
  3. Stringer

    Rifle Scopes Butler Creek flip up size for a Leupy?

    I searched but didn't find so, What would be the appropriate Butler Creek flip up size for Leupold 4.5-14x40AO? The objective OD on this scope is 2.0" and the eye OD is 1.6". I think #14 eye (1.605") will work for the eye, but I'm not sure about the objective: #31 is listed as 1.998" #33 is...