1. MaverickNH

    Night Vision VIS/IR Lasers & White Lights Questions

    OK - new to NV and just have a PVS-14/helmet system on order (with SF-M1 for helmet-mount). For purposes of indoor/outdoor home defense, and night coyote hunting in the NE, I'll be looking for lasers and lights for a SIG556R (with ACOG 3x30), SIG556 (with EOTech XPS3-4 and 3xMag) and Glock 17...
  2. F

    Range Report .243win shooting lights bullets in fast twist???

    I have acquired a boat load of .244 varmint/hunting bullets in the 70-85gr. range and am wondering if anyone has first hand experience in shooting them in a .243win that is setup with a 7.5" or 8" twist. I know that a fast twist is not ideal for this weight and overstability will occur but to...
  3. A

    Rifle Scopes question on tact lights and lumens.

    Looking for a tacical flashlight. How many lumens is too much?? I wanna stun someone and take away thier nv but I dont want to take mine away if the light bounces off the walls and back at me. Comments?