1. KeithStone

    SOLD Kestrel 5700 Elite with AB/Link

    Brand new in box got this as a replacement but my old one has come back to life so I’ll pass this along for now if someone wants to save tax/shipping. $675 tyd SPF
  2. carnageasada

    SOLD WTS: Kestrel 5700 Elite w/Applied Ballistics & LiNK + Tyr Tactical pouch

    Excellent condition functionally and aesthetically as pictured with Tyr MOLLE case in coyote, $SOLD shipped, no trades.
  3. skulldragr17


    Kestrel 5700 Elite w/ LINK -$550 shipped Very slightly used, no scratches or dings. Comes with original box and protective sleeve.
  4. S

    Range Report interesting link

    found this link earlier to calculate the optimum twist rate. can anyone tell if this is accurate? sam
  5. CDiPrecision

    Gunsmithing CDIPrecision GW Savage DBM Now done.. Pic link her
  6. R

    Rifle Scopes where is link for blind scope comparison

    I have been waiting for the completion of this blind test one of the members here is hosting. where is the link? and has the testing been done?
  7. Mag 300

    Rifle Scopes Old link to a US optics special ed SN3 group buy

    looking to see if anyone has a link to a SN3 snipers Hide special edition " had the SH insignia on the scope" that happenened a few years ago scope was an SN3 30 mm tube special moa reticle 3.8 x 22 non illum? Thanks Bill
  8. S

    need a link for the skull painter.

    I am wanting to see about getting a stock painted from the fella that does the skull paintings. anyone have a link? Thanks Lee
  9. Highground

    Range Report 5R Velocity Link?

    Could someone help me with the link that lists muzzle velocities for a Rem 700 5R using Federal 168 GM? I did a search, but can't find it. It had several posts with chrono results. Or, if anyone could throw a few my way.
  10. C

    Suppressors Thread Adapter link?

    I've seen this on the board before but I can't get it in search... Who makes thread adapters? Specifically, I'm looking for 5/8-24 (barrel) to AI metric (suppressor). Thanks, Steve
  11. SmokeRolls

    CCI BR2's available at midway, click on link
  12. J

    Armalite AR10 (T) available, link inside

    Alright guys I have tried searching but nothing useful came up. I'm contemplating about purchashing an AR10 TN, it's a special editon T. The barrel is sand blasted instead of being shiny and the forward part of the handguard has four rails on it. I know they are guaranteed 1MOA. How true is...
  13. B

    Phoenix Machine email contact link problem

    Phoenix Machine email contact link problem I saw a post on from a gentleman who had attempted to contact us and we had not responded to his request. Apparently our “email contact form” is not working properly so we have missed some requests. I will contact the web host...
  14. 45.308

    Member Link Up ***Alaska Hide Link Up***

    AO: Monahan Flats. It is about half way between Fairbanks and Anchorage. There is a corner at the top of a hill with a pullout for rigs, will hold four easy. It is open country with low brush and there is a small lake 400 yards down the hill. Quite easy to stretch it out as far as you can, the...
  15. jonesturf

    Hornady 223 LNL Shellpalte - UPDATE FOUND W/ LINK

    Anybody know where I can get one, everywhere is out of stock?