1. NORCAL50

    Frankford Arsenal LITE Rotary Tumbler Problem - SOLVED (Agitator Template)

    So perhaps the biggest problem with the FART Lite is it's REALLY bad with low volumes of cases, they'll just roll around on the bottom motionless. So I made a template for you guys to make your own agitators. Just cut it out and it fits perfectly, did all the hard work for ya :P Simply open...
  2. MangoSherpa


    SOLD 8/20 Up for sale is a very lightly used MPA BA Lite chassis, burnt bronze, Remmy 700 SA footprint, RH. Never mounted or shot by me. Full disclosure; I am the second owner. Original owner is from the Hide, he had only mounted his action to it and for whatever reason sold it to me for the...
  3. H

    Rifle Scopes tikka t3 lite picatinny rail

    hey guys, i recently picked up a t3 in .308 and am trying to get a scope setup that works well for me. currently on there is a bushnell 3-9 that came with the rifle. i have a scope and mount that i used on my grendel for a while (super sniper and larue lt-104 mount) that i really liked. i know...
  4. K

    New M70 Coyote Lite

    Has anyone got to see one up close. If so what do you think of it.
  5. A

    T3 Lite?

    I have shot shotguns my whole life, but never got into shooting rifles much until recently. I have recently aquired the long range shooting bug, and would like to get my first bolt gun. I started with the online course here last week and realized I have much to learn. My thinking is that I...
  6. S

    Photos My Tikka T3 Lite Custom

    Tikka T3 Lite Custom SniperAid Cheek Rest Custom Painted action and Barrel 5 Round Magazine Rock Mount Bipod 3-9 x 40 Illuminated Scope