1. S

    When a LONG RANGE MARKSMAN makes a video game :

    Hello SH elites, I just wanted to quickly share my video game project that is catered to sniping enthusiasts. I have loved sniping since I was tiny, and have recently picked up long range shooting (I'm under MOA with my Rem700SPS tactical + Vortex PST viper budget rig :D) I am running a...
  2. 81sfo

    Movie Theater LoneWolf McQuade

    Anyone know where i can find my childhood favorite Chuck Norris movie LoneWolf McQuade?Ive been looking to buy this in Dvd.Iits the baddest of Chucks movies,he gets buried alive in his Supercharged Ramcharger then we wakes up from being passed out,turns the truck on,and freaking comes out of the...