1. JRose

    Movie Theater Land of the Lost

    Someone give me the skinny on this flick, we have a baby sitter this weekend and am thinking about a trip to the movies with the wife. I used to love the show as a kid, and the previews look funny.


    A cheek rest was found at the 200yd line a few weeks ago possible from a AI style chassis, it was given to someone at the range whom is a member and they had stated they would get it to Miker.... It may have been lost at the spring S.S.
  3. K

    Movie Theater Land of The Lost on SciFi...

    The original Land of the Lost is on right now on SciFi!!! Dude, awesome!!! This show is one that I grew up on, and it scared the hell outta me. Oh crap!! THE SLEESTAK ARE COMING!! LOOK OUT FOR LULU THE TWO HEADED DINOSAUR!! LOOK OUT HOLLY, MEDUSA IS BEHIND YOU!!! And don't forget...
  4. Sleeper

    Lost my mind.....AIAWM .338

    Went to a local gun store today with no intention of buying a gun. I just went in for some powder honest. Thats when I saw the AI on a top shelf in the back. My heart skipped a beat, I had never seen one in person. The owner saw me looking and said "Thats a high dollar rifle." I said "I...
  5. C

    Gunsmithing M14 Extraction problem...Im lost

    Here it is, I have been working on a M14 for a while now. The setup I have is a Match M14 with a stainless barrel, Sage EBR stock (older one, top cover doesnt fit) a new front gas block, and a vortex flash hider. I have cleaned it extremely well, and everything appears to be normal. However, I...
  6. pickpick

    lost a post?

    I had a for sale post in the firearms section and it is now gone. I have spf but I can't find it anymore to mark it as spf. I even goto my post history and it's not there either. I'm not sure what to do or what happened.