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Gunsmithing M14 Extraction problem...Im lost

crazy bay

Jan 16, 2005
Here it is, I have been working on a M14 for a while now. The setup I have is a Match M14 with a stainless barrel, Sage EBR stock (older one, top cover doesnt fit) a new front gas block, and a vortex flash hider.

I have cleaned it extremely well, and everything appears to be normal. However, I am having extraction problems. I will try and get some pics up. But my camera has been fucking up.

I have tried multiple types of ammo. Several different NATO surplus to include lake city (175 grain) and British Ramday, some Portugal stuff, and some civilian .308.
It doesnt seem to matter what ammo Im using, I still get about about a 30% malfunction rate. What is happening is the rounds are not extracting fully, and the next round tries to feed but gets stuck when the tip of the bullet hits the brass of the previous round. (The brass only extracts about 1/5 of an inch.)

If I drop the mag, let the bolt go forward, and pull the charging handle back, it extracts.

Also, when I examine the spent casings they seem a little banged up on the edge of the rim. Again, I will try and get some pictures shortly.

Thanks for all the help. I have not tried a head space test, since I dont have a gauge.

I appreciate the help. Any advice would be helpful.
Re: M14 Extraction problem...Im lost

Short Cycling-
Spindle Valve in gas cylinder is turned to single fire mode!!
Screw Driver Slot of spindle valve should be perpendicular to gas cylinder not parallel.
Re: M14 Extraction problem...Im lost

If it's short stroking, it may be that the gas cylinder was put back on with the barrel gas port and cylinder gas port misaligned. The gas cylinder may be too far forward or too far back. Experiment by turning the gas cyclinder lock one turn forward, and/or one turn back, then replacing the gas cylinder plug. If it works, it's fixed. Next time, count the number of turns the lock makes before it come off, and put it back on with the same number of turns.

Re: M14 Extraction problem...Im lost

thanks guys, I will try those ideals, and let you know if I have more issues.
Re: M14 Extraction problem...Im lost

"(The brass only extracts about 1/5 of an inch.)"

That ain't short stroking, so ignore the short stroking comments above. That is the extractor slipping off of the case rim rather than pulling it out.

Concentrate on the extractor/spring, and if that is not it then start looking at the surface finish of the chamber as well as chamber dimensions.
Re: M14 Extraction problem...Im lost

I ordered a new extractor and spring today. So yeah, Im going to start with that. I had no ideal that SA doesnt make their M1A to USGI specs anymore. After doing some more researching today I wish I had gone with someone else. I appreciate all the help guys. If I have anymore issues, I will let you all know.