1. reeljob

    Just got LUCKY on a new ACC-SD!!

    I have had my eye on one of these for awile. I stopped today to kill some time at a retailer while traveling with work. Low and behold they had one Remmy ACC-SD .308 on the shelf. Decided to take the plunge and bought it. Priced at $687.00 and rang up $499.00. Manager said what ever it rang up...
  2. 2

    Maggie’s Lucky drunk

    One afternoon a bartender is alone in his bar, reading the paper and waiting for the rush of factory workers at the end of their shift when his young son bursts through the door with a box in his hand. "Dad, look what I found!" The bartender looks in the box to see a turtle about the size of...
  3. reeljob

    Lucky find today

    I found a local gun shop toay that had 2500 of CCI BR-2 and 500 Fed GM 210 primers. I am good on BR-2's but I bought all of the Fed GM's. Looking back I should have cleaned off the shelf. Currently I am having no trouble finding Varget but I hear it is scarace some places.