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  1. T

    WTB M40a1 scope Unertl or MST 100

    Looking to buy a US Optics MST 100 or Unertl 10x scope for my M40a1 project. Please let me know if you have one or a lead on one for sale. Greatly appreciated Chisam
  2. Screach

    SOLD McMillan A4 for M40A5

    Hey all, I recently picked up a brand new McMillan A4 from Charlie’s for an M40A5’ish build. Decided to go a different direction. Stock has inlet for PGW EFR. Stock has been mounted w/ bottom metal to check fit. Great stock, just going in a different direction with my build. All original...
  3. T

    SOLD Schmidt and bender PM2 MTC 3-12

    Selling my SB PM2 3-12 MTC with mil dot reticle. $2400 no trades
  4. T

    Accessories WTB Eagle industries Scope and Crown Cover

    Looking to buy 2 of the eagle industries scope and crown covers just like this. Green with the tassels stitched to it.
  5. T

    SOLD Schmidt and Bender 3-12 MTC

    Selling my Schmidt and bender PMII 3-12 MTC CCW turret scope with P4FL reticle. Great for an M40 or M110 build $2500 shipped
  6. Teldershaw

    Optics SCHMIDT BENDER 3-12×50 PM II LP Genll

    Optic is flawless. No ring marks or signs of wear. Exterior finish is pristine. Box and all original contents included. More photos to come. Price: $3100.00 shipped Item Condition: Open Box. Scope Weight: 29.21oz Scope Length: 350mm/13.78" Magnification Range: 3-12x Scope Objective Diameter...
  7. AquaRhombus77

    M40A1/M40A3 Desert Tribute

    I've decided that my first rifle build will be a tribute to my all time favorite rifle the M40 platform. I first encountered the rifle back when I was a kid and I watched it appear in the film Sniper (1993) Tom Berenger, the TV show NCIS (2003) Mark Harmon, the film Jarhead (2005) Jake...
  8. M

    XM3 DARPA Build

    I wanted to share my build which is heavily inspired by the XM3. I didn’t attempt a full clone because there have since been developmental improvements in calibers, optics, parts, and materials. Also, some parts are too difficult to find. Remington 700 blueprinted receiver. I glass bedded the...
  9. N

    Help With Getting My Starter Rifle Remington 700

    My goal is to have something like an M40A1 or an M40A3. I need help with my base Remington 700 before I start to build. I'm thinking about buying the rifle now and possibly upgrading the stock and barrel later. There is a custom shop here in town that does blueprinting. I'm just having problems...
  10. C

    Gunsmithing Spec build M40A1 - Current Lead times - 6 to 8 weeks

    If you find a six digit receiver, and pick us to build your M40A1, our lead times are 6 to 8 weeks - NOT 6 to 8 MONTHS!!! C & H Precision Weapons is a Veteran Owned Small Business located in SW Florida. We specialize in custom rifle builds, rifle repair and upgrades. C & H is owned and...
  11. C

    Gunsmithing C&H Precision Weapons M40A1 - A5 Current Lead Times as of 9-1-14

    Spec built M40A5 that Retired Marine 2112 MGySgt Dave Clark finished this week for a customer here in FL. As you can see, he's taking an alternative path forward in his choice of optics and mount, but it'll work out fine for him as his new long range rifle. The second rifle is a Spec Built...
  12. C

    Gunsmithing Throwback Thursday

  13. C

    C&H Precision Weapons: M40A1 - A5 Current Lead Times as of 8-1-14

    Hello All! Our first official post on Snipers Hide. We are currently building authentic Mil Spec M40A1's, A3's and A5's as we speak. Our current lead times for M40's or other custom rifles are measured in single digit weeks (4 - 6 weeks), not double digit months or years. Feel free...
  14. bhoges

    Got tired of shooting F Class in open with my 260 just completed an M40A3 for 600yr FTR

    Shooting my Nesika 260 in open class sucked. I also got tired of hiring b.s. from my buddy. Being left handed its tough to build a rifle a matter of a few weeks. I put a feeler out on the hide for a McMillan stock and within a day I received a reply. In a few days I was the owner of Badger M5...
  15. T

    M40A3 build guide

    I know a lot of people are building them, so where is the thread? Terry
  16. T

    M40A3 - got an upgrade!

    Just got my 100% spec M40A3 back from her Badger M5 upgrade. She used to sport DD Ross metal, but I found I was wanting the Badger upgrade, to make her more current. Only thing left that I might do is get one of the UNS mounts that our very own PGWDTI makes up here in Canada, for the USMC...
  17. mr_hurricane

    GAP Sniper Rile Pics M40A1, M40A3, M40A5, M24

    Cool, GA Precision has images of of their Mil Spec Sniper Rifle Builds. http://www.gaprecision.net/mil-spec-rifles.html The USMC M40A1 The USMC M40A3 The USMC M40A5 & The US Army M24 The M24 actually looks really cool.
  18. M

    M40A3 Forend Rail

    Does anyone have pics of the the rail system US Optics makes for the M40A3 Rifle, or where I could find some? They have one on the site but it's kinda crude
  19. T

    M40A3 Pelican Storage Case Pic's?

    Anybody have any pics of what the internal layout of an official USMC pelican 1750 case looks like? Was wondering, because I want to set up a transit case for my M40A3. Some layout and content pics would be great. All the best, Carl
  20. U

    First Post - M40A3 clone build

    So, I am making my first post. I am building an M40A3 clone. I am starting with a brand new stock 700P, and I have thus far acquired the trigger guard and the Schneider bbl. I will be ordering the stock ASAP and I plan on using this sight for it's wealth of information. My first question...