1. M

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace 4-14x FFP Copy by Famous Maker Pics

    I know some of you SH members love your Falcon scopes, so I thought you would like to see this. It's a very close copy of the Falcon 4-14x FFP scope. Only it has a Mildot reticle and 1/4" click turrets but it's half the price, about $150 bucks. Some pictures of the Famous Maker copy of the...
  2. amc

    Barrel maker for 308 ar platform

    Building a 308 ar on a dpms lower. Got everything but the barrel. Would like to hear results from you guys. WOA Kreiger Lothar Walther and any other suggestions! thanks for the input.
  3. M

    Advanced Marksmanship Looking for maker of split butt plate

    As posted,Am looking for split butt plate for prone rifle. In prone position,I put top of butt plate in pocket, which is on collar bone,After 50-60 rds of 6.5/284, It is sore, Am looking for plate to put OVER collar bone, Have seen some pictures, Need websites PLEASE............miker
  4. Garys4598

    Gunsmithing Name or Maker of this Muzzle Brake?

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Request for assistance:</span> Does anyone know the name or maker of the below group of what appear to be custom high caliber muzzle brakes? //image removed//
  5. ltfirehunter

    Best barrel maker for 22lr

    I was wondering your opinions on who makes the best barrels for a 22lr build. And preferred length. The action will be a 40X.
  6. comanche9

    Gunsmithing any Barrel maker offer mil/leo discount?

    guess the title covers it.
  7. E

    Rifle Scopes Anyone know the maker of these rings?

    Anyone know the maker of these rings? They are nice rings, but I just can not find a similar ring from pictures I've seen to determine who made them. Thanks for any help.