manners mini-chassis

  1. W

    WTB Wtb manners tcs left handed

    Im looking to buy a manner tcs in left handed to put my vudoo v22 into. Let me know if any are out there. Had it into mpa ba comp in od green i will part from aswell.
  2. S

    Manners Stock Comparison

    I’m building a rifle for PRS and am interested in a manners stock. Currently I use a MPA comp chassis and find it to be pretty comfortable, but I really like the look of Manners stocks. I’ve read that the grip to trigger distance is too long for many on the Manners TCS stock. How does the grip...
  3. NiteQwill

    SOLD Manners PRS-TCS /w extras and mini chassis

    Like new TCS, no damage. I simply get behind another stock better than this one, so I don't need it. Otherwise an excellent stock as most would know. Extras included are: High plains finish in high gloss Steel arca rail with 2 weights Double Syke Clutch Rail (right and left) Cheek knobs (2)...
  4. J

    Custom .223 bolt gun 2400

    Manners t4a elite stock with mini chassis, stiller predator action, bartlein barrel threaded, schilen stainless trigger. Safe queen! 2500.00 + shipping.
  5. J

    Manners MCS Question!?

    What action screws are you guys using with your Manners MCS? (700 SPS) Received my T4A stock from Manners with no action screws... I couldn't get my old action screws to work. Possibly they need to be trimmed? or maybe they require a whole different set up all together? I do know it's a 1/4x28...
  6. C

    Remington 700 in Manners T5A with Mini-Chassis - Need Help.

    I have a Manners T5A with mini-chassis that was originally on a Surgeon 591. In order to run my Rem 700 action in the stock I had to clearance the area to the left of the trigger shoe ( Timney Trigger), and relieve an area behind the bolt slot to allow for the back swept 700 bolt. While I...