1. H

    New Dedicated 22LR On The Market Update

    There is a new kind of 22lr AR type on the market. Made under license from Colt and produced by Walther in Germany. Here is the link to their website. I picked one up yesterday. It is the M4 Ops model. I haven't got to try it out yet but hopefully will get the...
  2. I

    What is needed in the tactical market.

    What do tactical shooters want in a rifle? How can rifles be improved for your uses? Do you feel a package rifle or fully custom ordering system is best for you? Please let me know all that you guys can about your experience and needs in rifles. Thank you, Ian A. Kelbly
  3. T

    Rifle Scopes Huge tactical scope market gap?

    Does anyone else see this huge gap in the tactical scope market gap in the $400-1000 range? I mean there are tons of options over $1000: Leupold, IOR, NF, S&B, March, Premier, etc. etc. etc. Vortex is supposed to have something new out but I think I read somewhere in the $1500 range. All...
  4. 03psd

    Stock Market: Not Wall St

    A search brings up 200+. Can some one summarize the pros and cons of the different stocks available for a 700 LEFT Handed. Unfortunetly, I dont have access to try them all out so research and recommendations are all I have to go on. I have a HS Precision but would like to see some discussion...