1. D

    Rimfire MPA CZ 22LR chassis and CZ bull barrel

    Everything sold. Thank you
  2. S

    Accessories Masterpiece Comp Chassis for sale price drop****Sold***

    Masterpiece competition chassis in FDE for sale. Comes with all 3 lug lock rollers and picatinny rail spigot. This is a short action for Remington and Remington clones. Bipod is not included. $700.00*****sold****
  3. 19Scout77

    AJ Brown/Scimitar Masterpiece

    Scimitar just added an AMAZING paint job to my AJ Brown FN SPR .308 build. All I can say is I am happy---VERY happy. And here's how she shot before the fancy paintjob-
  4. ARP

    Photos New paint on a Lawton Masterpiece

    I had the great honor of putting some DuraCoat on a very nice 300 WSM built by LawtonRifleBarrels and thought I would show it off a bit. The rifle isn't mine, unfortunately