1. tmanners

    Manners MCS-T4 for Tikka T3

    In response to all the requests that we have gotten to do a stock for the Tikka T3 we have came out with a special version of the mcs-t4 stock. The inlet is designed to be a bolt in and go. It will work with both the Tactical and hunting versions of the T3. This stock will use your factory...
  2. kombayotch

    MCS-T4 Sako Quad 22 Trainer ammo results

    Thought it might be good to share our results with different ammo since there are a bunch of us with the same setup. I'm interested to hear what worked best for others. <span style="text-decoration: underline">Ammo that extracted:</span> CCI Subsonic -> shot ok, but was difficult closing the...
  3. ST42

    MCS-T4 Sako Quad 22 Trainer Pic Thread

    Gents, Please post your photos here. Give all the details too. Jered's group photo just doesn't do them justice. Mine is the hands of UPS, so I won't be able to post until next week.