1. B

    Kestrel 4500 NV weather meter with Horus Ballistics

    Works perfect as it should. Just don't have a need for it anymore. Has a Night vision setting to be used with NVG's. Comes with original box and paperwork. Best way to reach me is texting (405)550-7420. $250 obo
  2. C

    Powder Meter Question

    Hi folks, first post here but I've been reading and learning alot. The search function has answered most of my questions so far. I'm new to reloading and trying to piece together my set up. I have a Co-Ax press and will be loading 308, 300win, 223, 45acp, and 44mag for now. Now to my...
  3. CoryT

    1400 Meter test this AM

    I went out this morning for a quick test of the 20" Ashbury Intl Group .338LM Surgeon system and I thought I'd share. The cold clean bore shot is in the lower left corner, shot 3 broke about .1 mil high and is the high left shot. A complete article on the system will appear in the next...
  4. A

    Rifle Scopes elevation holds for a 100 meter zero

    hello I´m new in this forum, and I have to say Im humbled by it!, anyway, I have the John Plaster book, "the ultimate sniper" and the ballistic chart for elevation holds with the mil-dot reticle is based on a 600 yard zero in .308 win..., my question: does anybody have a chart for elevation...