1. glock24

    Rifle Scopes Best method for aligning a base and receiver?

    After mounting my Stiller 20 MOA base to my Stiller TAC30 action, I added a pair of 34mm Seekins rings and a Premier 3-15x. The damn thing took almost 6 mils of windage to obtain a 100 meter zero! This is the most windage I've ever had to use, especially on a semi-custom receiver. I tried...
  2. M

    Advanced Marksmanship A simple sling/bipod method

    Here's a simple method of employing a basic M16 combat sling to yield added support in the offhand/kneeling positions, and significant downward/rearward pressure with the bipod in sitting or prone. This can help reduce bipod hop with some of the lighter rifles, and aid in self spotting. Basic...
  3. M

    An update to my hand loading method

    I've been loading sub-moa ammo on a Dillon 550 for a long time and I continue to fine tune the method. This update enhances the UC operation with a larger batch size and a change with the cleaner. See previous method here. Please note, I concede I do a lot more than what is necessary for the...
  4. chuff

    What method

    is everyone using for new load workups? I just picked up a Savage model 12 in 223 last week and I've been working up loads using the "ocw" method. It's my first time using this method, and it seems to be working pretty well although it does require a lot of rounds for each string. I'm curious...
  5. Wheres-Waldo

    Pay-Pal...The only method of payment / Rifles Only

    Is paypal the the only method of payment? I'de rahter not open an account with Paypal if I dont have to.
  6. M

    Hand Loading Method Improvements with UC and Annea

    I continue to fine tune my hand loading method. Please note, I concede I do a lot more than what is necessary for the tactical shooter. I really consider my hand loading and load development a separate endeavor that is apart from my tactical shooting interests, kinda like an R&D shop feeding...