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    Expensive mistake?

    FNG here. Purchased my first firearm (AR-15) recently. After the first range trip I decided to learn how to clean my weapon. Did a fair amount of research and video watching but apparently attention to detail is something you can't always teach as I took a chamber brush and ran it through the...
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    Gunsmithing A serious mistake

    I received these photos in an email today. This was bad. Not sure when it happened but it still is a good warning. There was a photo of the shooter on a stretcher and his face was in bad shape. I removed the photo out of respect. Subject: How not to sight in your rifle Sighting In Your...
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    Hunting & Fishing Cull Buck Mistake

    Whoops! The video says it all. And I have no connection to the ranch or the hunters, just sharing a good one. Cull Buck Mistake
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    i made a mistake with my .308 load

    i made a mistake the other night when i was working on some 308 loads. i just got some barns tipped TSX bullets in 168 grns. and 130 grns to try out for some hunting loads. i am going to change my powder charge by .5 grns each group to see what kind of accuracies i can get out of them. i already...