1. P

    Mix Single and Two Stage Trigger - One Shooter?

    I am building a couple of AR15s and one AR10, as well as obtaining a couple of bolt rifles (over time). Question is, should these rifles all have the same type of trigger (single stage or two stage)? I have been told by some that trying to switch back and forth between both types can be...
  2. Ishallbie O'Cullkillin

    Gunsmithing AR10 Buffer & Spring Mix Up

    After switching from an Armalite collapsible stock to a Magpul PRS, I realized that I had mixed up some of the parts with some AR15s. My original rifle length buffer & spring got cannibalized by some other build. Looking at all the buffers & springs before me, there is one rifle buffer that is...
  3. ArmedByRuger

    Fieldcraft paints and synthetics mix?

    Hi, I have a ruger 77/22 done up in a mono color camo with green barrel and action and black scope and stock. I am considering painting it in a digital pattern ,however I have some concerns. I know the paint with the nice metal primer I used will wear like iron on the metal parts, but the...