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  1. Ace10103

    SOLD Vortex razor hd gen2 moa 4.5-27 ebr7c

    Selling my gen2 razor 4.5-27x56 moa ebr7c. 1600obo. Scope is in near perfect condition. Only flaw is the cap on the elevation turret. Comes with everything in the original box. Defender flip caps. Mkm throw lever. If there are any questions let me know.
  2. E

    SOLD Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30x56 (FFP MOA Precision tree reticle)

    Lightly used Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30x56 FFP MOA Purchased new in May of 2023 Comes with end caps, sunshade, scope chaps, and optional ARC M-Brace one piece mount $1500 shipped with M-Brace $1400 shipped without M-Brace
  3. E

    SOLD Vortex Razor HD Gen III 6-36x56 Moa FFP

    Like new in box, used in 2 comps in 2023. Razor HD Gen III 6-36x56 Moa FFP with sunshade, scope chaps, and end caps Sphur mount not included $2100 shipped Will also consider trades for MRAD scope
  4. OregonWild

    SOLD LMT MARS-H 16” SS .308

    LMT Mars-H with 12.5” MLOK upper and 16” Stainless Steel .308 barrel. The trigger and charging handle are only non LMT parts (Larue MBT2, PRI Gas Buster) Grip and SOPMOD are LMT Ran 50 rounds of various .308 though it on 12/15 and can give you recommendations depending on what you want to do...
  5. CajunNavy

    SOLD Nigthforce 5-25 x56 ATACR for F1 C545

    Nigthforce ATACR C545 F1 5-25x56 MOAR. Original owner. Scopes in great condition. Asking $1,900 shipped and insured.
  6. N

    SOLD NightForce NXS 3.5-15x50mm MOAR Reticle

    NightForce NXS 3.5-15 x 50 mm. MOAR reticle, SFP. Will include box, lens covers, sun shade, and accessories. Very good condition. A cosmetic blem from the safe toward the objective side of the housing (see image). $1275 shipped SOLD I accept Zelle, Venmo FF, PayPal FF, CashApp, USPS check or...
  7. Nicholi2789

    Optics Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56mm MOA-EBR7C

    Hello, I have a Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56mm scope with EBR7C reticle in MOA for sale. It is already mounted and leveled in Vortex PMR rings. Scope is in great condition and has wrap on it to protect it. This wrap will easily come off if you don’t like it as well. Includes original box and...
  8. Cswedeen

    Optics Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18

    Leupold Mark 5hd 3.6-18 PR1-MOA. Very faint ring marks, glass is pristine. Actually prefer the turret clicks on this scope over my Tremor 3 model, very crisp. Comes with scope caps. Asking $1,450 shipped
  9. Cody Caddock

    SOLD Delete

    Delete. Error posting
  10. Arrr Emm

    Elevation and Turrets

    Hey all I have searched but not found the answer that I exactly need…. I have a 20MOA ADM mount and a Vortex 6-24x50 (new optic on the way). I zeroed and chronoed fine at 100yds with .308, 168gr, fed gold. However, I have only 9MOA of upwards elevation left. What exactly causes this and...
  11. P

    Optics Sold

    *****Vortex Razor HD Gen 3. BNIB for both scopes. MRAD EBR-7D FFP. MOA EBR-7D FFP. $2600 shipped on either. Please PM me with questions. I’m not looking for any trades on these at this time.
  12. S

    SOLD FS - Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 5-25 FFP MOA

    Have a Gen 2 Viper in 5-25 FFP MOA with the EBR 7C reticle for sale. Scopes in great shape and comes with scope covers and sun shade. Asking $775 shipped in the US.
  13. mxjoe35

    SOLD Sig Tango6 5-30X56 MOA DEV-L

    Sig Sauer SOT65113 - Tango 6 5-30x 56 mm Illuminated DEV-L MOA Riflescope. Scope is illuminated and has the internal leveling system. (Level Plex) You can see in the pictures when the scope is canted to the left, the left indicator light will come on and let you know you are canted. The same...
  14. Benfield_Precision

    SOLD Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42 Long Range MOA reticle

    Good Condition, tracks true and holds zero. Has an MOA graduated reticle, not a BDC. $200.00 shipped to your door in US
  15. WhoIsPat

    Optics Vortex Razor HD Gen I 5-20x50 EBR-2B MOA

    $1000 Shipped and Insured Mounted on bolt gun and shot roughly 3-400 times No dings, scratches, or dents. Like New In Box Comes with rings and everything in the original box: scope caps, level, sunshade, etc. Zelle preferred but will accept Paypal f&f too.
  16. M

    SOLD WTS Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4x24

    Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4x24 MOA BNIB never mounted , never used. Comes with everything from the factory. This is the illuminated model, has been discontinued. Asking $550 $500 shipped and insured tyd.
  17. Benfield_Precision

    SOLD Vortex PST Gen II 5-25X50 MOA FFP

    Used but well kept. I don't have the box for it, but the glass is clear, turrets track true, and it holds zero perfectly. FFP Comes with Vortex scope caps. The homemade camo paint comes off with mineral spirits and a towel, finish underneeth is unaffected. $450.00 will ship to lower 48 for...
  18. R

    Mossberg .223 MVP YouTube range results - H4895 and N134

    Here are the results from my reloading buddy Mike’s 223 MVP in H4895 and N133 in 50 and 55 grain lengths loaded mag length. Thought I’d make a video before we lose the results on a dead HD. At least you can balance out some of the women’s stuff on TV with some guy stuff.
  19. Z

    Optics WTS BNIB vortex razor 4.5-27 ebr7 MOA W/ accessories

    Hey guys I have up for sale a BNIB never mounted used or taken out of the package razor scope. Title says it all looking to get $2200 shipped for the bundle. Not looking to part out but feel free to send me a reasonable offer. Willing to do a call before hand and whatnot for proof of product.
  20. Kms33kms

    Turret adjustments at longer ranges

    Hey fellas , first of all , I know I post a lot of threads , just semi-new to this and love it all so much and when I can’t find the answer for myself on google then it’s just easy to ask y’all. I have a vortex scope that is in MOA. This may be ignorant of me To ask but just wanted to be sure...