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  1. C

    20 moa picatinny rail for Anschutz

    anybody know if someone make a picatinny rail in 20 moa format for Anschutz rifle...a friend just bought a 64 r model for tactical shooting.
  2. coues7

    Fieldcraft Understanding MOA

    I think I have a semi good understanding of MOA.....minute of angle equals approx. 1" at 100 yards and so on out to 10" @ 1000 yards. How do I use it on my scope and in exbal? I am shooting a Leupold Mar4 4.5-14x50 M1 LR/T scope and I have exbal. For example in exbal @ 500 yards with (1/4"...
  3. R

    Rifle Scopes MIL and MOA Range Equations Explained & Derived

    I just revised my paper. Hope it reads better. Warning: For the technical and possibly nerdy. runner I have written a paper on how they derived the range estimation equations for MILS and MOA. I couldn't find it on the Internet, so I did it myself. It's in simple language and easy math. For...