1. Dr. Davy Jones

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Help: Shotgun Barrel Mystery Mod

    I need the assistance of the scattergun crowd for this question- I bought a nice used Remington 1100 LT 20 gauge barrel for cheap to flip. I sold it for a good price but the guy who bought it returned it, claiming it had been modified on the receiver end and didn’t fit his Rem 1100. He showed...
  2. GBMaryland

    AICS 308 -> 223 Magazine Modification Thread?

    Folks, At some point someone posted a thread for making a 223 mag from a 308 AI AICS magazine. Can anyone find that thread? I've got the pre-change of SH link, but can't find it using a search on the new system. Basically, it appears that no one has 223 mags, but I've got a ton of 308 AICS...
  3. R

    Gunsmithing AI 338 Lapua Magazine modification

    Can the AI 338 Lapua Magnum magazine be modified to feed a 338 RUM? If so how and who does such work?
  4. 4Rail_Gunner

    Gunsmithing AICS Mag Modification

    I have a question. Has anyone removed this thick piece of metal in a AICS Mag and Tig Welded the seam and get it smoothed back out. The reason for this is so i can get more room to seat a VLD out Further. Another Idea would be to Remove the Plate, cut it into 1/3rds and weld a piece on each...
  5. K

    Gunsmithing AICS Modification for Remington 700

    Hi guys Looking to fit an AICS system to my PSS It has a Jewel trigger fitted and is only a girlie .223. Will my action drop in or will it need any machining bedding etc. Thanks guys
  6. R

    Gunsmithing bolt stop modification

    currently running an externally adjustable 40x trigger on my rifle and am on the fence about getting one of the group buy Huber triggers. Since they have no bolt release I was thinking of getting the GA bolt/stop release modified to my gun. If I decide I dont like the Huber can i go back to...