1. SmokeRolls

    Gunsmithing Recommendations on modifying HS Precision mags

    I have HS precision bottom metal and two new HS precision 10 round mags that are made for 308. The rifle is a 300WSM with a Mcmillan A5. What is the prefered method of modifying the mags in order to raise the bullet higher in the mag so that the bolt will pick up the WSM cartridge? Just bending...
  2. K

    Modifying a HS stock *Pic. heavy* Updated

    I've never liked the palmswell on my 700 VSF HS stock. Sanded it down about a year ago but wasn't totally satisfied. Thought about ordering a McMillan A5 but wasn't sure the grip would fit me 100%. So, why not modify the HS stock as close to the A5 as possible? Original stock: Made a...