1. B

    Member Link Up FN SCAR for sale in Fayetteville NC next month!!!

    Just wanted everyone to know that I know of 6 FN SCARs going up for sale next month here in Fayetteville, and can track down more details if anyone is interested in getting one.
  2. Sumpter Steve

    After a 6 month wait...

    I finally got my FORM 4 approved. I have taken her out to 800 yards where she easily keeps under 1 MOA. So far my best 5-shot group from 800 measured 4 7/8". Not bad for a 20" barrel. Built by American Precision Arms REM 700 LTR Leupy MKIV 4.5-14(TMR) AICS 1.5 Chassis SRT Shadow suppressor...