1. GardDog

    Hunting & Fishing Weapon Mounted Video Camera

    I'm looking into either getting a "stand alone" weapon mounted camera like the Epic Stealth Camera or a mount to attach my existing camera like the Deer Ridge Gun and Bow Camera Mount. Anyone have any personal experience with either of these or a similar mount?
  2. G

    Rifle Scopes Anyone have USO SN-3's mounted on their SPRs

    Looking to put an SN3 on my SPR-like (SPR-lite? haha) build. Currently have a Leupold Mk4 3.5-10x on it, no BUIS. I'm not liking the MOA/mildot set up on the Leupold, and I'm going to be trading it out for a USO soon. Thinking about the SN-3 3.2-17x44mm with EREK, but not sure if it's going...