1. S

    6x47L necking down trouble.

    I am necking down some 6.5x47L brass to 6x47L. All the sudden my brass is getting crushed. After doing some exploring, i find that the expander button is causing the trouble. I take it out and all is fine. I put it back in with a little lube and all is ok for a few rounds. I dont understand why...
  2. G

    Necking down a 300wsm to a 7mm-300wsm?

    Any feedback as to some of the techniques would be greatly appreciated. I am going to be using Norma 300wsm brass, and berger 7mm 180vld. Thanks
  3. JCH

    Necking down the 6.5 x 47 L

    I am new to wildcatting, is necking down the 6.5 case to 6 as easy as lubing the neck and neck sizing? Reason I am asking is I am trying to decide between the two calibers.