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  1. M

    Optics WTS/WTT NightForce ATACR C569 7-35x56 F1

    I have a pretty much brand new Nightforce ATACR C569. Never shot and never took the range. Wife got it for me as a present but I am primarily a Mils guy. Full disclaimer, when I first mounted it, I used an old sphur mount with stripped screws, when I tried removed the stripped screws I marred...
  2. LongRange98

    Optics Nightforce ATCR 7-35x56

    Up for sale Nightforce ATACR 7-35X56 F2 with mil c reticle. Nightforce rings and bubble level will be included along with original box and tools. $2200 shipped.
  3. LongRange98

    Firearms Custom .300 WM Bergara.

    Up for sale or trade my custom Bergara B14 HMR .300 win mag. Upgrades as follows, McMillan A5 ADJ stock, Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 with Mil C reticle f2, Rare MARS 20 MOA rail, 5 port beast brake, Harris SBR2 bipod, bubble level, comes with a Vault hard case. Rifle has about 100 rounds through...
  4. H

    Arisaka leveling tool work with ATACR and 1.54 mount?

    I'm about to get a ATACR 1-8 and a 1.54 mount from either Reptilia or Badger. Will there be enough room bewteen the mount and scope for a small leveler like the arisaka to fit? I know there is enough room on badgers 1.7 mounts but not sure about the 1.54...
  5. CSTactical

    Nightforce ATACR 4-20x50 in stock at

    We have quite a few people looking for this hard to get optic so I'm letting everyone on the 'hide know :) Nightforce ATACR 4-20x50 Mil-XT C644 $3,000 In stock!
  6. CSTactical

    Optics Nightforce ATACR 4-20x50 Mil-XT C644 in stock!

    11/25/22: Open box model for $2,700.00!!! PM to grab it! Nightforce ATACR 4-20x50 Mil-XT C644 $3,000 In stock!
  7. Badjujuu

    SOLD WTS/WTT Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 mil-xt

    Nightforce ATACR 7-35 Mil-Xt reticle. Minimal signs of usage, this has been on my VGW for some time. Scope was wrapped. I bought it from another member here, it's in great shape. Tracks without issues. Scope sat in Spuhr mount. All accessories that came with are included, sunshade, caps, tool...
  8. L

    SOLD For sale NF 525 ATCAR mil-xt reticle

    Basically brand new. Mounted for 400 rounds at the range. I have other NF atacr’s and this one is an extra. Only reason I’m selling it. New they are $3100 plus tax/shipping. This one I’m asking 2750 shipped. Will provide tracking number. Can discuss over the phone if you like.
  9. yeff

    SOLD FS: Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. 5X25-56 F1, MRAD MIL-R RETICLE $2700

    Title has description. This thing was mounted on an Accuracy International AXMC. I just pulled it from the Sphur Mount and it doesn't even have scope ring marks. It just hasn't been shot much and sits in the safe most of its life. Looks brand new. I think I have all the boxes that came with...
  10. Fish907

    Optics 34mm 1.26 0moa RRS uniblock mounts 200 shipped ea

    Both are in great condition no scratches or anything .. both come with RRS mount and hollands scope level and all original boxes and accessories . 2800.00 each shipped without mount and level.. DO NOT DELETE ANY SALE THREADS EVEN IF SOLD
  11. Rifle_Rookie88

    Optics *FOUND* WTB Nightforce ATACR 7-35X56 F1 MIL-XT C613

    As the title states I am looking to purchase a C613 I am looking for either brand new or as close to new. If anyone has one sitting in a safe and they want to free up some space and equity shoot me a message. Thanks!
  12. moto216

    Optics SOLD Nightforce ATACR 7x35 F1 Mil-XT

    $2800 shipped CONTUS with insurance for purchase price. Includes original accessories and original packaging. No marks, no scratches anywhere. Excellent condition.
  13. abn_surfer

    Optics Nightforce ATACR F1 7-35 Mil-C Reticle w/ Spuhr Mount

    As the title states, I am selling a very lightly used Nightforce F1 7-35 optic w/ Mil-C Reticle with a Spuhr 34mm 6 MIL/20.6 MOA Unimounts SP-4602. Asking $3000 for the setup. No Trades Ken (843) 937-2123
  14. drew hopkinth

    Scope for 24” 6.5 Creed AIAT

    Hi all, I just sold the Vortex Razor 4.5-27 that lived on my AIAT and am looking to upgrade optics. I’m mainly debating between the following 4 options: NF ATACR 4-20 NF ATACR 5-25 ZCO 4-20 ZCO 5-27 The max range I’d use this at is 1200-1300m for target shooting, but typically sub-700m. I’ll...
  15. epmonies

    SOLD [Sold] Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 F1 (MOAR)

    Hey folks - Selling my NF ATACR 5-25x56 F1 - Took it to the range and it's simply more power than I need on my MR762. Heading down to a Vortex 1-10x Gen III instead. This thing is essentially brand new (purchased June 2021), in the original box (serials match), super clean as the pictures will...
  16. holen'one

    Optics Nightforce atacr 5-25 with badger ordinance unimount

    Nightforce Atacr 5-25x56 moa C553 reticle in like new condition brought to the range three times mounted to a Badger Ordinance unimount 30mm $2350 OBO shipped with mount $2150 OBO shipped just the scope
  17. 918williambrown

    Optics Tangent gen2xr, NF 7x35 Maven RS4 pvs 27

    Like new Tangent 5-25 gen2XR 3650 shipped and insured SOLD -NF mil-c 7x35 2600 shipped and insured Brand new never mounted MAVEN RS4 5x30 1650 shipped and insured Like new no blems pvs 27 1 hour of run time with carrying case 5K shipped Phone won't attach pictures for some reason but I'll send...
  18. DeSnifter

    Optics Schmidt & Bender, Nightforce, ARC, Spuhr, Geissele Assorted

  19. Shifty17

    Dream AR Build.......Loading 98%

    This build has been a slow burn over the last almost 4 years, starting in late 2017. Has taken a lot of patience and a lot of foresight, two things that I have never been particularly good with. Going to give some context to the story behind this rifle before I dive into the build and the...
  20. S

    SOLD Mint Condition Nightforce ATACR 7-35 Mil-XT with Spuhr 4006

    Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 F1 Mil-XT reticle (model 613) mounted in a Spuhr 4006. Scope is in MINT, BRAND NEW condition. Not a single mark anywhere on it. Was shot about three days on a Vudoo 22. Comes with original box and all contents pictured. Spuhr mount comes with original box as well...