1. J

    Suppressors Dead air 556 nomad sandman flash hider end caps IN STOCK

    Link I’ve been searching for these a while
  2. J

    Suppressors UPDATES: Dead Air Nomad LT and Nomad Ti - a few questions

    Dead Air Suppressor Update - Just got my stamp for my Dead Air Nomad LT. Still waiting on my Dead Air Nomad Ti's on eForms since Jan so fingers crossed any day now? Also considering getting another Nomad LT or Ti and a Dead Air Mask HD. Gathering accessories for these Nomad...
  3. CoryT

    Optics Vector 21/Nomad Field Firing Solutions Full Deployment Kit

    I have one full deployment kit available. The complete kit has a Vector 21 12k binocular laser range finder and a Trimble Nomad rugged handheld computer with the latest version of Field Firing Solutions packed in a hard transit case with all the accessories. These accessories include; Soft...
  4. J

    Suppressors Dead Air Nomad End Caps / E Brake / Flash Hider WHICH TOOLS?

    Nomad End Caps / E Brake / Flash Hider WHICH TOOLS? I already have a Nomad LT and waiting for the stamp. I want to get a Nomad 30 or Nomad TI Want to use an Enhanced brake and Flash Hider End cap on these. Appears that these Dead Air Nomads don't come with any end cap tools. Please correct...