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  1. Killshot44

    F T/R Competition It's March Madness! 3weeks of F-Class matches at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

    This week kicks off the March Madness events at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Ione, California. 23rd ANNUAL CANADIAN/AMERICAN INVITATIONAL: 5-9 March Palma Rifle and “F” Class - strings are 10 for record - 2 sighters Wed: Squadded practice – 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yds. (48...
  2. A

    Gunsmithing NorCal Precision?

    Anyone have any experience with there pillar bedding jobs? or maybe some pics,Thanks,AF
  3. J

    Gunsmithing Looking for a nor-cal gunsmith

    Looking to have my Armalite .308 barrel cut, fluted and fitted with a break in Northern California. Can anyone help with this?
  4. R

    Member Link Up Any LR Shooters in CA - NorCal Area

    Yes we do still shoot in CA. I'm in the Bay Area, let me know if interested. Ryan B
  5. notyers

    where to shoot in Norcal wth cheytac

    I've been looking in these forums for a few months now and really find it helpful.I was wondering if anyone has a long range site other than the Hollister hills clear creek basin spot everyone seems to know.It is closed due to asbestos.I am in need of 1000 yards or more.