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  1. Jimmy2Times

    Gunsmithing 'Smith to bed a rifle in Northern MA, S. NH, ME?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a smith who can bed a couple of rifles in the New England area, specifically north eastern MA, or south eastern NH or ME. Every man must know his limits, and unfortunately a DIY bed job is way beyond my ability. I just assume have a pro do it and not mess up my 2K+...

    Member Link Up Richmond and Northern VA Ranges and Shooters

    I am new to the long range shooting scene and would like to meet anyone who has experience with this sport. I am looking to go to matches and learn as much as possible about this sport. I dont have a rifle and scope at this time. Those would be other topics I would like to discuss. So if...
  3. 1

    Member Link Up Illinois, southern Wis, Northern IN

    Any one shooting in the Il, IN, Wis area? I shoot up in Racine Wis. weekly looking for new ranges to shoot.

    Firearms Instructor Northern Virginia - vacancy

    Have confirmed info for a Federal Agency in Northern Virginia accepting applications for Instructors. Weapons instruction for: SIG, M9, M4, M870, Colt 9MM subgun, M24, SR25 M249, M240, M2 and MK19. Office is located near Springfield, but work out of Quantico quite a bit. Must have experience as...
  5. D

    Gunsmithing looking for a smith in Northern Calfornia

    my current builder is a little overwhelmed! need 2 recently completed builds reworked.