1. TimeWillTell

    Hello from OKC

    Hi all, I've had an account here for awhile but never got around to actually participating. I'm a 26 yo kid in OKC area. I am now in medschool and graduate school but grew up as a typical country farm boy. Love shooting and hunting and really any outdoor activity although I do not get to do...
  2. G

    Maggie’s How to Pronounce "Oklahoma"

    There is a right way and wrong way to pronounce "Oklahoma" Some folks say it all together, but there should be a noticeable pause between "Okla" and "homa". This study guide will help you to learn the proper technique.
  3. J

    Sniper class in Oklahoma?

    I'm new to precision rifles, and I plan on buying a decent setup soon, but I'd like to take a training class that can teach me everything I need to know about using the scope, shooting posture, technique, filling out a log book, zeroing the scope, etc. I can't seem to locate one in Oklahoma so...
  4. retrieverman

    Hunting & Fishing Oklahoma Shed Hunting

    My youngest son, Jake, my Lab pup, Annie, and I went to my parent's place in NW Oklahoma this weekend for a turkey and shed hunt, but it ended up just as a shed hunt. We probably walked 20+ miles and only came up with 13 shed and one skull, but of those, I hit the mother lode and found a match...
  5. 5

    Hunting & Fishing Help spotlight hogs in Oklahoma

    Hog hunting is getting a lot of attention at the state capital here lately, and we are getting screwed. Rep. Don Armes passed House Bill 2158 on 3/10/09 which will allow the shooting of feral hogs from helicopters ONLY on commercial hunting areas, “to help get rid of the hogs on the property.”...
  6. D

    Member Link Up any oklahoma shooters?

    im in se ok