1. popeyecop

    Open House at New Training Center in Midwest. Mo.

    MIDWEST TRAINING CENTER (MTC)OPEN HOUSES SOTT-I LLC, a specialized provider of civilian, law enforcement, corrections and military training internationally announces two open house periods dedicating the opening of their new Midwest Training Center in the Jackson/Cape Girardeau Missouriarea...
  2. W

    Range Report 7mm Rem SAUM F Class Open

    Hi all i have been playing around with my new Lawton rifle i have chjambered an old 28" australian made 7mm 9 twist barrel to 7mm Rem SAUM the results i have got realy suprised me they do not come clost to what i have expected the load is as follows The chamber reamer has the factory case specs...
  3. E

    fosnaugh customs open for business

    Check out my website (link in signature) and what I'm currently offering. Full builds to come in the near future once my mill and lathe arrive. Thanks!
  4. JL

    FinnSniper 2009 Finland, entry open

    2007 Comp article: <span style="text-decoration: underline"></span> G&A / Combat Arms article (Competition name was formerly Lapua Sniper) Magazine cover: Story...
  5. M

    Tiger Valley Open Range

    Tiger Valley well have open training days starting May 2nd, 2009. We hope to have the range open 2 weekends a month. Everything will be open except the shoot house for your use. Tiger Valley is proud of the relationship with SNIPER'S HIDE and those who attend from there. Along that line I...
  6. TheFiddler

    Movie Theater ears open eyeballs click

    I saw this movie about 2 or so months ago and enjoyed it. I was wondering if it is a good portrayal of the Marines boot camp.
  7. A

    Group size for .22lr and open sights?

    Hi guys, I'm new to (posting on) the forum, and fairly new to shooting. I did a little bit of shooting with 22s and 410s with my dad when I was little, but never took it up as a hobby until recently. I just picked up an ar15, because I wanted one and I figured the sooner I get one the better...
  8. Wheres-Waldo

    Rifle Scopes Shooting with both eyes open?

    I read about this in Guns Magazine (I think) and have been putting it into FOV a non-issue in high mag. optics. The author made a point that the both eyes open aproach would also lend itself to a higher degree of cosistancy, due to your musclesnot having to contract repeatedly. Also, for...