1. 1

    50 Chassis, another option....

    Getting ready to shut down, moving to MO. Will be back up in several days. Sneek preview of the 50 McM MODSS,,,, Has 3 dif bi pod mount options and longer fore end to take the 24/26 UNS. Works with the det mag and takes the same trigger guard, our action screws. Drop in, no mod...
  2. H

    Need an educated option on muzzle brakes

    Need an educated option on muzzle brakes. I’m trying to build a benchrest/tactical rifle in 338 ultra mag .It has a Montana 1.250,30”chrome moly barrel. I was thinking of a cheytac muzzle brake.
  3. R

    300 WM, is Norma the best option for buying brass?

    Without Lapua and RWS .300 Win Mag brass, is Norma now the best option ? Is it good brass ?
  4. tundramuscle03

    Side Charging option for .308 AR.....Thoughts???

    Hey guys I got in on the Iron Ridge buy for .308 lowers, I got 2 in the DPMS lower config and I was thinking about using the Fulton Armory upper with the side charging option...my question is...Has anyone here used the FA upper with the side charging option? Likes? Dislikes? Any other opinions...