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  1. jayjaytuner

    mcmillan ordering...

    i got a confirmation email from mcmillan about a stock i ordered.......anyone know or remember if you have to print it out, and sign it/send it to them...... theres just a place on the bottom to sign it, obviously a question to ask mcmillan but there closed for the weekend...
  2. Msprink05

    Rifle Scopes Ordering rings and base today need help!!

    Im ordering a base and rings today for a new savage model 10 308. Ive almost decided to call midway and order the egw base and burris xtr rings. I just cant get over how big and ugly the xtr's are. Does anybody have any other suggestions for me? My cash limit is $150 Thanks in adavance Matt.
  3. C

    GAP ordering process

    I have a couple of questions on ordering a custom build from GA precision. I figured I ask them on here instead of calling and taking time away from someone elses build, especially with the wealth of knowledge here. I am pretty much settled on the type of build I want. I just wanted to know...
  4. D

    Maggie’s Ordering Pizza in 2010

    Might not be to far off in the future, http://aclu.org/pizza/images/screen.swf AD by the ACLU.....
  5. Wheres-Waldo

    Gunsmithing Ordering a reamer. Making sure I get what I need.

    Hi again gentlemen, Ive decided to invest a bit of my tax return on setting back and rechambering my rifle, which is currently a spec chamber without too much freebore. Ide like to have it set back and rechambered in the same cal. (300WM) Yet with a tighter neck. Correct me if I'm wrong...