1. C

    Larue Tactical OSR?

    Advertising for the Larue Tactical OSR has disappeared and the OSR is nowhere to be found on there website. Does anyone know the status of this gun? I figure they are in full production with the first ones going to the sandbox and LE. While I'm at it, has anyone seen or heard of the Kel-Tec...
  2. J

    Anyone got a 20" Larue OSR?

    I want to see some pic.... And some range report potentially... I am wondering what MV will you get out of M118LR (175SMK) thru that LW-50 20" barrel... Thanks!!
  3. lrs50bmg

    LaRue Tactical Stealth OSR 7.62

    Any had a chance to see this, or test one yet? Larue Tactical OSR 7.62