1. tundramuscle03

    Suppressors Sig P220 Match

    Guys, I handled one of these the other at the guns hop i frequent and it fits my hand perfectly and feels great... I'm just curious what you guys think about, this will be my first handgun purchase
  2. gorhamlit

    Suppressors need input on a used P220 - got questions

    I bought a USED P220 from my friends' dad(he don't know JAK!). I shot it, it jammed 2X per clip, and that was 3 clips of wolk steel case target, and three clips brass case winX, I looked at it, it was dirtier than $h1t, heard a lot of good things about SIGs, figured, eh...dirty, bad dirty...
  3. KYS

    Suppressors SIG P220 Combat w/ can. what ammo runs best?

    Alright, after all the headaches I finally got my YHM Cobra M2 can put together with the CORRECT thread pattern. Now mind you, all I had was some Independence ammo sitting around the house when I decided Id run a few thru it to see what it sounded like. Well it jams, stove pipes, and didnt catch...
  4. A

    Suppressors Sig p220

    What are your feelings on the Sig P220 compact or carry variants for concealed carrry? Thanks,