1. M

    Fieldcraft which camouflage pattern

    for hunting zombies after the pandemic and society breaks down into chaotic mayhem, which camouflage pattern will blend best in any likely environ?
  2. C

    Rifle Scopes Colors to match the desert camo pattern

    OK attempting to paint a scope... I cannot seem to find an exact or really close color match ( Spray can )to the light and medium tan/beige colors in the McM desert camo pattern. any freakin help at all would be great... growing overly frustrated.
  3. Kaisersose

    Gunsmithing Thread pattern question?

    If a barrel is threaded for a trued Remington 700 action -- Would it fit a Badger M2008 or TC Icon action? Thanks
  4. reeljob

    Gunsmithing New Krylon Pattern

    Played around with this pattern last night, what do you guys think?
  5. hangunnr

    Gunsmithing Camo pattern stencils...

    Does anyone make stencils for the do it yourself painters? Specifically GAP type pattern. hangunnr