1. H

    45ACP brass w/ small size primer pockets

    I was reloading some 45's today and ran across a problem I have never seen before and was wondering if anyone else could tell me about it. Some of the brass takes small pistol primers instead of the large ones. The brass I am talking about is headstamped Winchester NT 45 ACP +P. I have never...
  2. E

    Primer Pockets

    I'm new at this, and I'm wondering how important is it to clean the primer pockets? More specificly .45ACP and .308WIN. I have a primer pocket brush that I pourchased and put it in my Drill Press, and it cleans the pcoket out in about 5sec, but it does add up when doing about 1000 rounds. I...
  3. fusiachi

    Loose .223 primer pockets

    Using Lake City brass as an example, does anyone have some guidance on how many reloads I can perform before primer pocket expansion will become a concern? Other than the feel of the primer as it's inserted, are there any precursors to look for before things get to the "gas escaping from the...