1. chadg

    poor man setup

    For everyone thats on a very limited income lets see your poor man setup.
  2. A

    Range Report Poor mans XM3

    The poor mans XM3 savage10 factory McMillan's A3 bedded by myself 18.5" barrel with AAC black out and a AAC7.62SD WARN 20MOA base and WARN split fixed lowest available rings,NXS 3-5X15X50 MLR/MILLRAD ZEROSTOP. factory barrel 1 in 10 twist cut at 18.5"... CAN on or off no velocity...
  3. L

    Sako M995 (TRG-S) .338LM: poor man's base rifle?

    Well guys I found a M995 in .338LM and was wondering if it might be a decent option to consider as an entry rig/build base. From some previous posts it looks like restocking might be an issue. Seems McMillan has figured out the lower metal, so it can be done. Also have a call into McRee's as a...
  4. Hasgun Willtravel

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell: Poor CS, bad math, F.O.A.D.

    Let me begin with saying this, if there is one broke scope, in a pile of 1000 of them, and I was told to grab one, I would reach in the middle, and its my luck to grab the broken one, everytime, no matter what. I have a black cloud over my head with that kind of thing, happens on 90% of...