1. lowlight

    Missing / Moderated Posts - Don't see your post after hitting submit.

    Missing / Moderated Posts If you don't see your post after hitting reply, or submit, or anything else, it's because the system has moderated it for approval. That does not mean to resubmit the same post over and over again, because the system will do the same thing. It's part of the spam...
  2. Cartman

    Can't post long posts...

    ...without the line I'm working on flipping up and down so that I can't follow my typing. I'm able to write maybe ten lines (including spaces) and then it wigs out. Any ideas what's going on?
  3. M

    new posts?

    Is there a way to read new posts that have been made from the last time i logged on? I know other sites have this feature. TIA
  4. G

    Missing posts after the Site update

    I was looking for an old post to respond to a PM. It appears as if I lost about a month of postings from 10/07, plus a few topics I created, plus a few selected posts in the middle somewhere. Either that, or I'm really bad at searching through my own stuff. Do posts get deleted and drop off...