1. D

    Reloading Equipment WTS Primers CCI & Federal (Denver Metro, CO) $100/1000

    Remaining 1x Brick of CCI Magnum Small Rifle 5X Bricks of CCI Small Rifle
  2. FimRire RongLifle

    SOLD Arena : Blakely Georgia 6/24-6/25 : US869 LPP SRP 6.5 MPA action 6.5CR brass ammo

    If you happen to be going to open range day (you would need to arrive Saturday) and/or NRL22x match and you need any of the following : I will take down this post later today when we leave due to the hot weather im not carrying anything extra unless someone needs it. US860 powder 2LB lots 3...
  3. Snaz


    I have 2 x 1,000ct boxes of Winchester #41 WMSRL Small Rifle Primers for sale. $150 cash or PayPal F&F only. This is a face to face transaction only in Pueblo, CO. ***I WILL NOT SHIP*** So please, don't ask. If you're not willing to leave honest feedback after you've received the item...
  4. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment 6,700 CCI 400 SRP

    I have 6,700 cci 400 SRP for sale. $85 per 1k NO SHIPPING Located in central TX and can bring it to me to my next 3 matches - Best in Texas, Okie Showdown, Punisher. Paypal FF or Venmo.
  5. sneakypayload

    Firearms Multiple Lowers, Pistols, Primers, Accessories for sale

    Consolidating all this crap into one big post. Firearms for sale: 1. CZ USA TacSport .40 SW (Black Grips) Small frame inclusion doesn't impact function, can barely see it. has blemish from where my ring rubbed on grip. Tuned for .40 Major loads, 3 mags with CZC basepads and grams followers...
  6. C

    Reloading Equipment WTT: 6.5 CM Ammo or H4350 for Berger 144gr LRHT or Large Rifle Primers

    Hi – I have the following powder and 6.5 CM ammunition for trade. Located in the Minneapolis area, so please consider shipping limitations for powder/primers. Any insights or recommendations you all have, I'm all ears! I have more loaded ammunition and Hodgdon H4350 than I need, looking to swap...
  7. MarkyMark007

    RWS LR (Large Rifle) primers 5333 (magnum) and 5341 standard

    hallo because of all those shortages, I would like to know what are yours latest experiences about those RWS LR (Large Rifle) primers; 5333 (magnum) and 5341 standard, about velocity vs others, and consistency vs others. sincerely, mark
  8. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT 6,700 CCI 400 SRP (Look In description)

    Looking to trade 6,700 CCI 400 SRP for Varget, H4350, CCI450, 108 ELD bullets, 108 Berger BT Bullets, Impact 737 Action with cash on my end, Big Horn Origin 308. bolt face. Located in Austin TX. Willing to drive a few hours to make a deal happen. Let me know what you got. Cheers Ryan
  9. J

    Noob reloader questions

    So I have a lee precision 4 turret press kit and some dies I picked up for 150 on black fridayday on ebay thats heading my way I've done a fair share of research on the dies and tools I'm starting off cheap for now because I'm broke(spent all my money on a glass) my question comes down to...
  10. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Primers for Sale MN Area

    For sale: 5 boxes of 1k Federal Large Rifle 210 Primers - $old each 4 boxes of 1k CCI 400 Small Rifle Primers - $old each 1 box of 1k CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers - $old 1 box of 1k CCI 250 Magnum Large Rifle Primers - $old 1 box of 1K CCI BR2s Match Large Rifle Primers - $old Cannot ship, for...
  11. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD 6.5 Creedmoor Lapua and Hornady brass + Large Rifle Primers + 140 HPBT + 140ELDM

    Hello I have for sale more reloading stuff: New Sierra 140 GR HPBT 100ct boxes x4 - sold each New Hornady 140 GR HPBT 500 ct boxes x3 -sold each New Hornady 140 GR ELDM 100 ct boxes x6 - sold each New Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor Large Rifle Brass Cases in 50ct boxes x6- sold New Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor...
  12. D

    Reloading Equipment WTB .284 ELD-X Bullets. Have cash and trades.

    Needing 7mm ELD-X bullets for a new rifle. I'm open to weights, ideally wanting the 175 or 150 grain.. nothing too light for a 7mm. Have cash to buy them or can trade for Berger Hybrid 180 & 184's. Or something else you may be in need of.... Let me know if you have any please. Thanks!
  13. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT 4k LRP CCI 200 Primers for Varget or Shooters World Precision

    Like the title says. Central TX (Austin)
  14. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTT CCI 200 for CCI 450/F205M

    I have 5k cci200 LRP and want to trade for CCI450 or F205M Located in Austin TX Will sell $150 - 1k , pickup only
  15. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment 6K CCI 200 LRP

    I have 6k LRP CCI 200 primers. Swapped over to small rifle Primers so passing on to someone who needs them in these hard time. I am selling these for exactly what I paid for them and yes I know they are high on price so no need for the hassling but trying to help out anyone who is needing them...
  16. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment 10k CCI 200 LRP

    Selling 10k CCI 200 LRP. I would like to sell the lot together. Central Texas. Pickup Only. No Shipping.
  17. Festeraxp

    Reloading Equipment WTB Primers Pennsylvania

    I'm looking for large rifle primers, small Rifle Primers and small Pistol Primers. I'm in Bedford Pennsylvania. Willing to travel a little. If you have any you can spare and sell it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. LucasRaymond

    Reloading Equipment Small Pistol Match Primers - NE Pennsylvania

    (1000) Federal Gold Medal Match Small Pistol Primers- looking to trade for cci450 or BR4 small rifle primers or 6.5 PRC brass.
  19. AKMarty

    Primers for sale-worth buying?

    A local individual has these for sale. The packaging looks kinda old but I’ve not been reloading long enough to determine the age based on packaging. Thoughts from those who recognize the boxes???
  20. ADAMS512

    Reloading Equipment WTS 5k CCI 200 LRP

    I have 5K CCI 200 that I would like to sell outright or trade for 205M or CCI BR-4 SRP. Austin Tx pickup only, NO SHIPPING so please do not ask. 5k primers = $750