1. 9

    Hunting & Fishing PTR91 kills

    Heres last years hunt pics, both taken with a PTR91 SC (16") with Barnes MRX rounds. I drew out again this year for cow elk, Im taking either my PTR again (with the EOTech this time) or my 50 BMG. My dads taking the trusty SSG 69...
  2. CE1371

    PTR91 KFM4 question

    I have the opportunity to purchase a PTR91 with the M4 butt stock. I'm not particularly in love with that stock, I know that the other stocks are removable, but is the M4 butt stock removable as well? I'd rather replace it with a regular stock. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  3. DAFAR

    Question for PTR-91 shooters and owners

    Guys I am considering buying a PTR-91, times being what they are the shop wont have it for long. so I have to ask What kind of reapeatable accuracy are you getting from these do the g3 mags work OK Let me hear your positives and negatives please