1. rpg777

    Firearms R700 6.5 CM Long Range Setup - Burris XTR III, Spuhr 4901, Magpul folder, Timney trigger *Price Drop*

    Selling my 6.5 Creedmoor long-range setup, as I am still recovering from back surgery and I just don't use this. Purchased used from a very reputable shop/gunsmith on the Front Range in Colorado; they built it up, the original owner put less than 200 rounds on it, and I only put another half...
  2. syoakem711

    SOLD MPA Matrix R700SA RH w/full weight kit

    MPA Matrix in burnt bronze. Comes with full internal and external weight kits. It has been used for 2 seasons and shows some wear. Also includes Heckler grip, large vertical grip, large and small lop buttpads, pro and standard cheek risers, thumb rest, and trigger finger spacers. Asking $950 +...
  3. T

    Accessories WTS Magpul 700L Pro Chassis. OD Green

    For Sale, No Trades. BNIB. Magpul 700L Pro Chassis in OD Green. Long action fixed stock. Comes with two magazines and extra pistol grip. Price is shipped via UPS. Paypal and Venmo Freinds & Family only! $700 shipped.
  4. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD New- KRG Bravo LA R700 - $385

    Black Bravo LA new in box, picked off a prize table and haven’t used. $410 $385 shipped conus
  5. OGER

    Accessories WTS - TriggerTech Special (unopened)

    Selling a brand new, still factory sealed TriggerTech Special. It is the single stage, right hand, w/o bolt release version with the pro-curved shoe. Bought it about a year ago due to a miscommunication with my gunsmith and it's literally sat in the safe ever since. Somewhat difficult to see in...
  6. T

    SOLD WTS: GRS Berserk R700 SA Stock

    For Sale no trades. Brand New in the box GRS Berserk Stock. $400 OBO Shipped.
  7. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Geissele super 700 2 stage $215

    Selling my geissele super 700 2 stage trigger. Works as it should, i just prefer my bix n’ andy. Asking $215 shipped
  8. KeithStone

    SOLD Manners T2A Gap

    After a 9 month wait it’s finally here but too many other projects to get to this one right now. Brand new never had an action in it. $1170 shipped
  9. KeithStone

    SOLD KRG Bravo R700 SA

    R700 SA black krg bravo used it for one match. I filled the hand grip and buttstock cavity with steel bbs. Includes: -Front T-Slot weight -Heavy arca rail -Arca spigot -Minimalist spigot -Pic rail from krg -1 buttstock spacer from krg -Action Screws $525 $400shipped
  10. Southpaw Bane


    Delete please
  11. Ak7

    Accessories Manners PRS1 T EFR ***SOLD***

    Selling a RH Manners PRS1 T(thumb shelf), factory EFR cut, SA mini chassis for r700/clone, area 419 arcalock rail, SAP +2. Black and in good shape. Just recently picked it up but the Seller didn’t mention the EFR cut out. I don’t plan to add a mount, so I figured I’d see if there is any...
  12. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD XLR Element Gen 2 SA chassis with folder, accessories

    Up for sale XLR Element with folder in very good condition. This is the short action model for Rem700s/700 clones. Fantastic chassis, sad to sell but here we are. It comes with Ergo Deluxe Vertical Grip, XLR’s extended buffer tube (in case you don’t want to run the folder), SAP’s two round...
  13. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Blueprinted Rem 700 Bartlein barreled action, 6.5 Creedmoor, TT Special- PRICE DROP

    Blueprinted Remington 700 in 6.5 Creed with 20” Bartlein barrel in Medium Palma, 1-8 twist. Selling Barreled action + trigger only (chassis, scope, rings, mag not included in sale.) Action blueprinted / barrel chambered by Jeff Hayes (formerly of G.A. Precision, now owns Rivers Bend Gun Co)...
  14. sulcop96

    Accessories R700 SA AI-AT and Element Folders

    Just retired from me LEO job and cleaning out the safe. I have my AI-AT duty chassis and a Element that I never got around to using going up for sale. The AT has some use, after all it was on my work rifle, but other then a few paint scrapes there are no defects or issues. The Element was bought...
  15. C

    Triggertech Diamond in R700 5r

    I have read that the Triggertech Diamond series are for cloned actions because in stock R700 actions there could be binding. Have any of you used the Triggertech Diamond series in a stock .308 R700 5r? Mine is from around 2011. If you have did you modify it to fit properly or is it just a...
  16. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories SOLD Rem 700 Tuned X-Mark Pro trigger

    This came off a custom gun from Jeff Hayes at River’s Bend Gun Company (formerly of G.A. Precision). He tuned it to 2.5 lbs and it breaks very well. I bought a triggertech recently so it needs a new home. $30 shipped tyd, PayPal F&F or Venmo
  17. MinnesotaMulisha

    Accessories MDT ACC R700 Like New SPF

    I bought this chassis last spring. It has seen no matches, only some barricade practice. Chassis is like new with the exception of a few small scratches on the forend from sticking through a barricade. There are three chassis weights just in front of the mag well, as well as the butt stock...
  18. Ghillie21

    Remage barrel pre-fit help

    So I've gone the route of getting a trued R700 action and a criterion remage barrel from Northland Shooters Supply. I would like to learn how to correctly install the barrel to the action. Few questions I have: - Is it necessary for me to remove the ejector pin to set headspace? I've seen...
  19. Edub33

    Entry Long Range Hunting Rifle

    Hey folks - I’d like to get some input on an entry level LR hunting rig. Leaning towards an R700 Gen2 or a Seekins Havak PH2 in 6.5CM. Primarily South Texas so the weather could be -10 degrees at 9am and 105 at noon...sarcasm, but you get the point. This rig would mostly be used to take a crack...
  20. S

    Firearms 16.5" Remington 5R 308

    I have a R700 5R in 308 that is for sale. I had my gunsmith shorten and thread the barrel (5/8x24) to approximately 16.5" for a suppressed hunting rifle. It also has a Timeny 510 trigger installed, a NF 20 MOA scope rail, and the factory HS precision stock that came with the gun. I purchased the...