1. R

    Ramshot Big Game

    I searched, but didn't come up with much. Does anyone have experience with this powder in a .308? I just spoke with my smith and he said he was having goodluck with it, but it's busy around here today and I couldn't talk long. Most likely it'll be pushing a 168gr Amax. So let's hear your...
  2. M

    Ramshot Powders

    I am loading for .30-06 210 gr bullets out of 22 inch barrel .308 175 gr SMK out of 24 inch barrel .338 Lapua mag with 300 grain Scenars out of 25 inch barrel I have seen the Ramshot powders everywhere and was thinking of using the Tac, Big Game and Magnum to load these rounds. What are...
  3. J

    Using Ramshot Hunter in the 338 Lapua Y/N?

    Playing around with some lighter bullets, the 225 Accubond to be specific, in my 338 Lapua. I did a bit of research and am now starting to try Hunter under the 225 AB. I started at 87 grains and worked up to 93 so far. Very easy extraction but just a hint of an ejector mark at 93. Anybody else...
  4. 19Scout77

    Magpro v. Reloder 22/ Ramshot Tac v. Varget

    I need to switch from what I had to what I can get---sound familiar? Anybody switch from RL 22 to Magpro in a 7WSM (or any other magnum for that matter)? If so could you please share your observations and conclusions? Same goes with Varget to Ramshot Tac in .308. TIA.
  5. D

    Ramshot TAC vs Varget for .308

    I'm having a hard time finding varget to load my .308 and using 168gr.SMK's. I shot some loads using TAC this past weekend with good results. Any advantages of TAC over Varget or not. The only thing I have found out is TAC is a spherical powder and should measure better. Anything else I should...
  6. 2

    Ramshot Magnum powder for 107 SMK?

    Anyone have any experience with this powder in a .243 Win? I getting annoyed with the unavailability of Hodgdon powders and am considering trying the Ramshot.
  7. Switchblade

    Ramshot TAC loads

    Ramshot TAC, no others please. Looking for loads for 308 147/150fmjbt, and 175SMK Also looking for 5.56/223 loads for 55fmjbt, and 62fmjbt(to mimic M855/SS109) I know all the H4895 and VArget loads for these so I am only looking for TAC loads. OTHER QUESTIONS if you are using TAC. Do you have...