1. 300WSM

    Suppressors Sig rear sight measurement help

    I'm looking for the distance between the arrows for #1 (space opening in rear sight) and I am looking for the thickness of the white line #2 (red arrows) This is from a 229. Thanks!
  2. P

    Gunsmithing SMLE No.1 MK III rear sight removal help

    Got a SMLE in good shooting condition for nothing and it looks like a good gun for my "Truck gun" project. Going to duracoat, do a scout scope base and shorten the barrel, but I was wondering how to get the rear sight off. Looks like if I remove the cross pin, top screw and possibly add some...
  3. reewik

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell Elite 3200 10x scope with BC Flip up rear

    If I focus at all with the scope I have a hard time keeping the rear flip up cap to stay on the scope. Any suggested solutions? By the way I put a size 14 on the rear as suggested. (I already tried tape, just a sticky mess that I had to clean up!)
  4. I

    Gunsmithing rear rail for McMillan A4 stock

    I'm considering getting an monopod for the rear of my A4 stock. Any recommendations for a compatible rail and has anyone done this? Thanks.
  5. B

    Rear screw holes stripped on 10/22

    I took my 10/22 to the range the other day and it was shooting very poorly and not holding zero. i thought it was a fauly scope and wanted to change to a different scope so i went to change it out last night, i found my issue. both of my rear base mounting holes are stipped, looking for some...
  6. U

    .22Trainers with NO rear sights ??

    Has anyone ever done a survey of .22 trainers that were brought back from the "Great War" that had NO REAR SIGHTS? I ask this because I have seen several trainers of late that have been "brought back" that did NOT have rear sights. I think that the fact that that the rear sights are missing is...
  7. S

    rear monopod on Sako TRG

    I am looking for a rear Monopod that fits my Sako Trg 22! I see on the Net this one from "Accushot" but i dont know ,maybe it doesnt works on my rifle? Does everybody have a TRg 22 with a mounted rear monopod? Pics.and answers are welcome! thankx for ya help.............!!!