remington 700

  1. J

    Accessories Magpul Hunter stock Remington 700 LA

    Picture says it all, Magpul Hunter Remington 700 LA with magazine bottom metal and 10 round magazine. $350 plus shipping.
  2. M

    Accessories $250 Bix N Andy TacSport Pro Rem700 Trigger

    This is single-stage to the best of my knowledge (got this from someone else and never used it myself). Asking $250 shipped OBO
  3. M

    SOLD Bix N Andy Tac Sport Pro Trigger with Wide Smooth Trigger Shoe for Remington 700 or Clone

    Asking $260 shipped. Paypal F+F. Add 3% for Paypal Goods and Services.
  4. Bcon

    The BADDEST Cerakote you’ve ever seen COTTONMOUTH SNAKE REM 700

    Just wanted to show off the work Daniel did on my rifle over at Primal Finish in TN. I’ve had this idea for a few years and was foolishly going to attempt it myself at one point. I’m glad I hesitated and put it in the hands of a true master. This rifle is my baby, the gun I started shooting long...
  5. DirtyDave69420

    Accessories McMillan U-10 Rem 700 short action Stock for sale

    Stock doesn't fit me that well. Asking $850 OBO Hawkins precision Bottom metal sold separately I could part with it for $120 I've attached the build sheet to this thread Can do Goods and services you float the fee
  6. Jdowney37

    Firearms Reming 700 Sendero SF ii 300WM

    Great gun here for sale, Remington 700 Sendero SF 2 in 300 Win Mag, with 26" fluted barrel. I absolutely love this gun, but have made the hard decision to let it go to fund some other projects. Sendero ii SF, with the addition of, -HS Precision Pro series Tactical Stock -Foreend pic rail with...
  7. M

    SOLD Remington 700 Varmint .308, Burris XTR II, Harris Bipod, KRG Bravo and Upgrades

    Selling my Remington 700 Varmint .308 with accessories. Have a few hundred rounds through it. Definitely signs of use, but nothing too bad. Shoots great (shot 1/2" groups at 100 yards last trip to the range). Spent over $2300 on this rig. Sad to see it go, but my wife won't let me keep my...
  8. Dr. Davy Jones

    WTB Wtb factory Remington 700 varmint contour 223 barrel

    Looking for 26”, 1:8 or 1:9 twist would be great. Shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  9. Mendoza0311

    Firearms Sold!!!!!!Custom Remington 700 7mm08

    Custom Remington 700 with a brand new 24” Heavy Sporter 7mm08 Criterion Barrel Pre-fit Barrel installed with Remage nut. It has only had 4 shots fired through it. Timney straight trigger, Bolt has been fluted and has oversized bolt knob, seekins 20 MOA Base. Will also throw in factory stock and...
  10. M

    Blueprint or custom action for Remington 700?

    I have a Remington 700 SPS Varmint 308 (26" bull barrel) that I put a Krg Bravo and ELF 700 trigger on. Love the gun but the action sucks. Firing pin won't stay back reliably if I work the action too hard. Love the barrel though. Regularly within 1/2 MOA. I found out to solve the action issue I...
  11. spartan5538

    input on Remington 700 project?

    I recently compiled a list of components for a .300 Win Mag I want to build in Remington 700 pattern. The goal was to find components that are high quality and light-weight. The idea is to build a long range rifle ideal for both hunting and precision shooting. Ideally this project will be...
  12. tomCTFA

    Ever seen one of these??? Erma SR-100 Auction

    Many of these are from a regular member of this forum. Please help support his sale as he makes room for new toys. Up for auction in US. An Erma SR-100 semi auto sniper rifle. Rumor has it these are extremely rare in the USA and were made predominantly for the eastern Europe military market...
  13. N

    SOLD McMillan game scout with grayboe dbm

    STOCK, bottom metal and action screws only. McMillan adjustable game scout for Remington 700 SA. Grayboe m5 bottom metal (stock was inletted by LRI). Barrel channel was opened up a bit (I had a Wilson #4 in it). Bolt knob area was filed a bit and is rough, but you could clean it up. Will...
  14. Oryx_Official

    ORYX Bolt-Action Pistol Chassis

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ORYX Announces ORYX Pistol Chassis ORYX is excited to announce the addition of the ORYX Pistol Chassis. The ORYX Pistol Chassis is a small chassis system purpose-built for bolt action pistols or rifles. The new ORYX Pistol Chassis allows you to build a...
  15. F

    .308 win 175smk 20" 2650fps Powder Charge?

    Howdy all, Im looking to push a 175gr SMK to 2650fps out of a 20" Remington 700 short action so my ACSS Apollo BDC is accurate past 800yds. Bit of an ask out of an 20" I know but i believe its doable. My question is has anyone produced loads that replicate the performance I'm looking for...
  16. Southpaw Bane


    Delete please
  17. O

    Remington 700 Identification - 7mm RUM HELP!

    G'day fellas, need some thoughts and help. *Be gentle please, first time poster long time lurker* I have recently bought a Remington 700 in 7mm RUM (<40 rnds fired unsure as to the mag installed but pushing 3.8") Need help identifying the rifle and what has been done to it as the shop cant tell...
  18. Jdowney37

    Firearms Remington 700 Sendero 300WM

    Good evening all, Great gun here for sale, Remington 700 Sendero SF 2 in 300 Win Mag. I absolutely love this gun, but have made the hard decision to let it go to fund some other projects. It’s a stock Sendero, with the HS precision stock (painted FDE and OD green with Aluma-Hyde), with the...
  19. N

    SOLD Hawkins obendorf Remington 700 SA bdl with mag and follower

    Used short actions Hawkins obendorf bdl with mag and follower. Does not have action screws. I switched to a dbm last year and it’s been sitting in a drawer since. Roughly 200 new. Asking 100 shipped obo
  20. Oryx_Official

    Precision Rifle Gear ORYX Christmas Giveaway - Win 1 of 2 Oryx Chassis in any of our inlets

    We're giving away 2 Oryx Chassis in any inlet we make. No purchase necessary. Thinking of doing a custom build or want to try switching from a stock to a chassis? We want to make your holidays even better. Click the link bellow to follow our social media accounts and enter. Sharing with friends...