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  1. T


    BAT TR Repeater for sale $1400 PRICE DROP $1250 shipped to your FFL 308 Bolt face 20 MOA integral rail and recoil lug Approx. 500 rounds on the action New bolt head installed by BAT with the updated ejector pin location and stiffer spring to help ejection. Action is cut for AICS or AW mags Uses...
  2. D_TROS

    Rem 40X Repeater Conversion DONE!!

    First off, this is the original review of this rifle when I first purchased it. http://www.snipershide.com/shooting/showthread.php?t=76978 The rifle started life as this, a 40-XRBR: I put it in this: And now it resides in this...
  3. P

    Gunsmithing 338 edge repeater

    I have a blue printed 700 LA that was originally a 300 WinMag. I am considering rebarreling to 338 Edge. Are there any issues with the feed rails that will need to be address to use it as a repeater. I intend on using a Wyatt extended box. Thanks Eric
  4. G

    Gunsmithing Anyone built a .284 repeater for comps?

    Has anyone built a straight .284Win repeater on a short action and successfully chambered it for 180VLD's to the lands from the magazine? If so, what mags do you use and/or what is the modification to the mags? If not, did you build on a long action instead and do you think an AE MKII and/or...
  5. D

    For you guys looking for a 40x repeater ...

    ....bring a big check book. I've never seen one myself but follow the link to what Big Green should be making. Donald (edit) Had to delet link. Not allowed here. Donald If you want to see a 1 of 12 custom Remington 40x repeater there's one on Gun Broker. It's all pimped out and ready to go...
  6. Adam B

    Gunsmithing 40X 22 repeater conversion

    I just finished building a 40X 22LR and it is a single shot, is there anyone that does a conversion to make them into a repeater? I know CDI is working on it but I am looking to get it done yesterday. TIA
  7. M

    Dream build question: Single Action vs Repeater

    I am dreaming of a new custom build from some place like GAP or Surgeon. Most of my shooting time is on targets, with 300M up to 1000M ranges available to me. But, a gun for pure target shooting is not my cup of tea. If I am going to gain proficiency with it, I must also be able to hunt well...