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  1. ManoftheNortH

    How to fix stripped action screw reciver

    Hey guys I stripped one of the holes or maybe the action screw but I think the threads on the inside are bad is there anyway I can fix this or a gun smith can? Please give advice thanks!
  2. lowlight

    Rifles Only Assassin's Way

    Rifles Only Assassin's Way Modern Day Sniper Podcast with Assassin's Way Discussion
  3. lowlight

    2017 Sniper's Hide Cup Picture thread

    Here are some pictures of the 2017 Sniper's Hide Cup at Rifles Only If you cleaned my stage on Day One you got a candy bar - Clark earned a Butterfinger Jacob briefing the field Jorge - you're excuses are invalid - (No_Legs24) The Legend ! Jacob Gottfredson Moon ! Crescent Customs...
  4. SHLowlight

    2017 Sniper's Hide Cup at Rifles Only

    The Original Sniper's HIde Cup, will be back at Rifles Only in November Registration will open August 30th, however this is more of an "Invite Only" event so if you want to get on the list post here I will be submitting my list of shooters to Rifles Only and they will be adding their list of...
  5. Lucks

    RO Bushnell Brawl, Thank You Sponsors

    Thank you to Jacob, Lisa, and all the unselfish, hard working RO's for putting on an awesome match! Congrats to the top finishers Wade Stuteville, Tim Long, and especially the winner Jonathan Berry. Thank you to Bushnell for the match sponsorship and paying the bill so that we all got to...
  6. G

    Long Range Precision Courses

    Gentlemen, I finally was able to save up some money and order a GAP rifle. It is a 300 WM on an ACIS 2.0 stock. To get the most of my purchase I have been looking through some courses to take over the summer. I am military which opens a few more options so you can keep that in mind. The main...