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  1. C

    SOLD Lapua CenterX

    Lapua Center-X. 3 bricks plus 8 boxes. Total 38 boxes of all matching lot #28555/501961. $SOLD shipped. PayPal F&F.
  2. Shakester

    SOLD MULLERWORKS 22RF 13 TWIST SS 1.250" 27"

    For sale is a new, unused MULLERWORKS 22RF 13 TWIST SS 1.250" 27" purchased new from Southern Precision Rifles. I'm looking to move the barrel, so I'm selling at a loss. Current price is $475 plus shipping for a new one. Asking $400 plus shipping. No trades.
  3. C

    Rim X Action Screw torque Value

    Hey all, just wanted to get some insight into what torque value y'all are setting your action screws to for your rim-x action. Getting an mpa hybrid chassis, and thinking that 40 in/lb should do the trick. Anything over that seems excessive to me...
  4. N_S

    KI Precision Pre Fit B-14R barrels

    Does anyone have any experience with the KI Precision b14r prefit barrel? I like the idea but I’m worried about the extractor cuts not lining up or not being able to head space it correctly.
  5. N_S

    Bergara B14r pre-fit barrel

    Has anyone installed a KI Precision Pre Fit B-14R barrel? I’m curious how it went and how it shoots. https://www.kiprecision.com/shop/bergara-b-14r-barrels
  6. G

    SOLD Manners T4 stock for CZ455

    manners t4 stock off a cz 455 varmint precision trainer. Just swapped it out with an ACC chassis to mimic my PRS gun. In great shape. I don’t really know how to price it, but let’s start at $450 shipped. If that’s too high, let me know and we can work it out. In great shape, comes with...
  7. FlintWeaponSystems

    Firearms Rimx barreled action

    Rim x barreled action 20" proof carbon barrel 1 mag 1700 Shoots stupendous, not playing the 22x game right now Have several stocks for it if you want a turn key bunny blaster Taken it to 610 thus far Stock options Xlr magnesium w tr2 980 Iota eko 670 w hawkins bm Several Ag composites options
  8. TexAg18

    SOLD Bergara B14-R barrel action

    Looking to sell my Bergara B14-R barrel actionAny trade considered. 22 LR 1:16 Twist 18” Barrel -Barrel/Action/Rail $670 with two mags.
  9. Gunfighter716

    SOLD Vudoo V-22 Three60 22LR Krieger 25" 1.25" Straight w/ TT Diamond 2-Stage

    Vudoo V-22 Three60 22LR RH with Krieger SS 25" 16TW 1.25" Straight and TT Diamond 2-Stage in Excellent condition. Originally built by VGW with a Bartlein 16TW 20" MTU and re-barreled by VGW after 250 rds with the Krieger which now has 322 rds through it. The Krieger has a flat breach with...
  10. nightvisiondude721

    SOLD CZ 457 Varmint Sold

    CZ 457 Varmint with original CZ chassis, now discontinued. Don’t have the time for this one anymore so it’s gotta go. Less than 100 rounds down the tube. Looking for $950. Can post better pictures tomorrow.
  11. The-shooter

    SOLD Vudoo aluminum 10rd mag

    I have 2 vudoo aluminum 10 round magazines. They are both in great shape. $150 for both of them.
  12. DFNM

    SOLD Vudoo 15 rd metal mag + vudoo inflection case

    Selling a 15 rd Vudoo aluminum mag, as well as the SKB vudoo inflection case that holds 200 rounds and 4 mags. Would love to sell both together but would separate. $135 for the mag $115 for the case Buyer pays shipping. I have PayPal F&F, Venmo and Zelle
  13. The-shooter

    SOLD Mpa ba comp

    selling my burnt bronze Mpa ba comp. It fits a Remington 700 short action. It does have a very small amount of ware. Asking $700
  14. M

    SOLD Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR with Timney Trigger and MDT Grip

    Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Timney 2 Stage Flat Shoe Trigger MDT Grip 25, 15, and 10x Ruger OEM magazine $525 with Timney Trigger and MDT Grip $375 shipped with stock Trigger
  15. The-shooter

    SOLD BNIB Kestrel 5700 elite

    Brand new kestrel 5700 elite with link. It has never even been turned on. I have 2 available. $600 shipped
  16. The-shooter

    SOLD Kestrel 5700 elite with HUD

    Selling my brand new kestrel 5700 elite with brand new HUD. I bought this brand new as a kit from kestrel. Asking $900
  17. The4GunGuy

    SOLD Lapua Center-x

    THIS HAS ALL BEEN SOLD I have 5 boxes of Center-x (2,500 rounds), all the SAME LOT #. Will sell All for $850 or 3 bricks for $510 or 2 bricks for $340...No single brick sales PayPal Friends and Family only please.
  18. T

    Rimfire PENDING: Kidd Supergrade, Full Build by Kidd w/3 barrels WILL SHIP

    ***********NOW WILLING TO SHIP AT BUYERS EXPENSE************ Have a Kidd Supergrade up for sale that I'd like to try and sell face-to-face here in NE Texas before opening it up for a FFL to FFL sale. If I do an FFL to FFL sale later the cost will be plus the ride to get it to you. Here is what...
  19. T

    Rimfire SOLD - CZ 455/457 16" Threaded Barrel New

    Good morning folks. I have a new, never-shot 16" threaded CZ Varmint heavy barrel for sale. A couple of months ago I purchased a new CZ 457 VPT in Manners stock and had a new LW barrel ready for it when it got here. Took it off the original cz 457 and its just been sitting here ever since...
  20. TheRealMongo

    SOLD 22” Bartlein MTU - 1/16 twist - Vudoo V360 Barrel

    WTS - Vudoo V360 Bartlein 22” MTU contour 1/16 twist, 1/2x28 threaded barrel. Barrel has right at 2500 rounds through it, still in excellent condition, only changed for longer heavier profile Shilen Select Match barrel. Barrel shot fantastic with Eley Match, Eley Tennex and Lapua Center X ammo...