1. KeithStone

    SOLD CZ 457MTR 22LR price drop

    As the title states have a new unfired cz457 mtr I’m gonna let go. $775 shipped
  2. KeithStone

    SOLD Tikka Tx1 22LR

    As the title states Tikka tx1 with the 16.5” threaded barrel. Never been fired $575 shipped to your FFL. I’ll post some pics tomorrow evening.
  3. KeithStone

    SOLD Bergara BMR Micro 22LR 18” Carbon Barrel

    NIB never shot good looking little 22 but just don’t have the time for it right now $640
  4. SniperCook

    Accessories Ati 10/22 stock with folding butt stock

    Stock with folding buttstock for Ruger 10/22 asking for 75 dollars plus shipping
  5. N

    Optics Athlon Argos BTR Genii 6-4x50

    I have for sale an Athlon Argos BTR Genii 6-24x50 MOA. Pulled off of my 22lr rifle. Great scope for the money ad pretty damn clear glass for a scope in its price range. Mounted on Nov of last year and only competed in one comp. No dings or scratches, practically flawless, never dropped or...
  6. N

    Rimfire Bergara B14r 18" steel

    I have a Bergara B14r in an 18" steel barrel. Brand new, never shot, still in box and will ship straight from my LGS. Wanted to get into PRS but life got in the way so letting this go. Let me know if anyones interested! Trying to move quick before I don't have access to my computer for a while...
  7. jeremydc

    Sell or upgrade CZ457

    I have a CZ457 AT-ONE, bone stock except a trigger spring replacement. Anyone thoughts on what I should do with it? I want to get into PRS or NRL22 so I’m looking for guns I don’t need to touch much. The CZ won me a stage in a match. But it doesn’t seem as reliable or accurate as my Tikka T1x...
  8. F

    SOLD WTS - RH - Vudoo V22 - 18” - BA - Gen1

    This is a used Vudoo V22, RH, Gen 1, Kukri 18” threaded barrel, with 20 moa base and two magazines also comes with 30 moa base as well. Venmo, PayPal f&f, or Zelle.. 1450 shipped and insured to your FFL from an individual. First public “I’ll take it” takes it.
  9. Bolt Thrower

    WTB WTB Yo Dave Trigger Kit for CZ 455

    I need a Yo Dave trigger kit for a CZ 455 in a hurry. Let me know if you have one to sell.
  10. aroddc3

    SOLD Alamo Bergara B-14 .22LR $1,500

    PRICE DROP - 2nd time. $1,500 shipped for rifle w/ tuner. Last chance before I break it down into parts. Selling my custom .22LR put together by Alamo. Less than 250 rounds. Shoots bug holes. Bergara B-14 steel barreled action 18” 1-16 Threaded 1/2x28 with Harrell’s Tuner Trigger Tech...
  11. Kjp616

    SOLD *SOLD* Eley Team: 1 brick *SOLD*

    I have one full brick of Eley Team. Before anyone decides to reply with a comment about the price I'm selling it for what Midway lists it for (plus shipping) IF they, or anyone for that matter, had it. *SOLD* Shipped to the lower 48 PayPal FF or Venmo
  12. D

    Rifle Competition Events PRS Rimfire - Marlborough, CT East Glastonbury Fish & Game

    PRS Rimfire - Marlborough, CT East Glastonbury Fish & Game We are in our first season of PRS Rimfire at East Glastonbury Fish and Game Club in Marlborough, CT. Our first match was held last month for 26 shooters. We will be utilizing our new 400 yard rimfire area. A typical match is 8 to 10...
  13. G

    Rimfire WTB - RimX prefit Barrel

    Looking for something in stock new, or used/taken care of.
  14. aroddc3

    Firearms *tackdriver* used Cooper 57M 17 HMR

    For sale is a lightly used Cooper 17HMR. This thing shoots LIGHTS OUT. Beautiful wood. Less than 250 rounds through it. I also had the action screws replaced with hex screws. They normally come with slotted screwdriver screws, which I will include as well. Hex makes it easier to torque...
  15. N

    Need help putting together 22LR AR15

    So I've been building my hunting and precision ARs for a long time, but have never messed around with rimfire outside of a 10/22. I want to put together a high end 22LR AR trainer/varminter for use with a sparrow suppressor, with the priority being precision. I really don't know enough to even...
  16. aroddc3

    SOLD Ruger 77/17 17wsm Used

    For sale is a Ruger 77/17 chambered in 17 wsm. 18.5" barrel. Has ~450 rounds through it. Very accurate, great for varmint. Barrel is not threaded. This is about 2-3 years old, made before they came threaded standard. Silver finish is a little nicked up, but it's been used for hunting. Also...
  17. Gunfighter716

    Rimfire SOLD: NIB Ezell PDT II Barrel Tuner

    Posted this over in the Accessories PX, but figured some that regularly browses the rimfire section would be interested. Just received the latest Ezell PDT II Tuner which I was planning on using on my Vudoo V-22 repeater, but decided to go with the ATS tuner instead so I can run my suppressor...
  18. B

    Looking for a solid gunsmith for my CZ 455

    I have a new CZ455 Stainless. Its not horrible but could be shooting a lot better. I also really don't like the factory stock and have bought a Boyd's varmint stock and a new heavy barrel for it. I'd really like to pillar bed it and am looking for someone to do the work for me. Curious to hear...
  19. TheBigDirty1833

    WTB CZ 455 stock

    WTB CZ 455 stock. Preferably McMillan or Manners. LMK what you have. Thanks
  20. K

    NY Southern Tier NRL22 matches

    Southern Tier Precision Shooters presents NRL22 monthly matches + extra stages out to 300 yards. We are located in Alfred, NY. Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrecisionShooters/ Find us on Practiscore.com at https://practiscore.com/clubs/southern_tier_precision_shooters...